Reminding me not to be a killer — 6 Comments

  1. Telling SPCOCSH of you Groandad.  The Society for the Protection of Old Chat Show Hosts will be LIVID and I have no doubt at all that they’ll write a report. That’ll soften yer cough…

    Now you have Make-Up people after you and SPCOCSH yer doomed. DOOMED.  

  2. I have heard of these people a few times during my various trips down to the Republic of Ireland that I make relatively infrequently. Frankly, I think they’re cunts. If they went after boy racers, serial tailgaters, idiots who overtake on blind corners and so on, I might be prepared to tolerate their existence. But they don’t.

    Throw them all in that Icelandic volcano whose name I can’t pronounce nor spell.

  3. We live in a sick society when that That sanctimonious prick “Uncle Gaybo”  has official influence in Government policy making.
    I hope he gets a lit butt end in his eye when he’s out cruising on his Harly.

  4. The NRA themselves were probably one of the biggest killers until Motorways came along. And I’ll lay money on it that loads of accident reports were doctored before they got to court to protect the NRA from being held responsible.
    What about all the people who were killed because of bad road surfaces, lack of markings, hidden dips, overgrown hedgerows, illegible signage, dangerous junctions, sudden bends, missing stop signs, unprotected drops into massive ditches, etc?

  5. “The Road Safety Authority is reminding people to avoid “obvious killer behaviour” such as speeding, drinking or taking drugs while driving.”
    Bollocks to that .. I never speed whilst taking a Beecham’s Powder, or a slug of Wincarnis .. it causes you to end up spilling ’em all over the floor of the car …

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