Why they want e-cigarettes banned — 6 Comments

  1. Good points there Groandad. If pharma companies are so keen we all look out for our health they’d be distributing nicotine patches for free wouldn’t they?

    I hope they try to introduce legislation to ban something because it might influence children- I could use the same logic to ban the catholic church in Ireland or ban cars on the grounds that seeing them on the roads encourages children to see private transport as desirable.

    Someone sooner or later is going to try to legislate smoking out of existence and will leave a new principle in law that can be exploited to annoy the fuck out of politicians and judges.

    Bring on that law that bans behaviour which might influence kids in a bad way. I could use that legislation to great nuisance effect.

  2. Thanks for mentioning our survey here, Grandad. It is small, but it is a lot larger than lots of the  surveys published in medical journals.
    Got to make one point here. The pharmaceutical companies produce nicotine cessation aids that have a long term cessation rate (when measured at one year) of around 5%. One study actually found a cessation rate of 0.8%. (The study was hailed as a big success by the scientist who conducted it – see Prof Siegel’s analysis of it here. I’m sure it is coincidental that the scientist takes money from GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Novartis.)
    The same pharmaceutical companies also provide millions in grants to anti-smoking organisations. These anti-smoking organisations continually push cessation aids even though cold turkey has been proven to be a more effective way of quitting.
    In effect, then, the pharmaceutical companies have a captive, addicted customer base, who are always being told pressured to try quitting smoking by using nicotine cessation aids but are failing to do so 95% of the time.

  3. Con – If you can invent an anti-priest drug or a prescription to provide matter transportation, then the pharma industry will be more than happy to back you up.  I doubt they will ever ban smoking though – governments make too much tax out of it.

    James – Welcome.  If I appear to knock the survey, it’s simply that I take very little at face value.  If I knock the Antis, I have to knock the Pros under the same rules.  I was well aware of the research that shows the lack of success of patches and gum.  Pharma isn’t going to mention that though, are they?  Hah!

  4. No, no, knock it all you want. We know small surveys are not perfect (but they are interesting!) We are not the sort of people who would pretend that a survey of people’s opinion makes medical fact – we leave that to the antis and their crazy third hand smoke theories.

  5. Hat-tip to James who seems a very sensible chap to me … Groandad, re the required inventions I’m pleased to announce that both anti-priest drugs and matter transportation already exist so its a matter of distribution really.

    The anti-priest medicine is called Logic and is available worldwide and the good news is there’s no cost (heh) and the second has already been achieved in laboratory conditions. The problem now is how to direct the physics.

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