The mouse that roared — 15 Comments

  1. Well done for homing in on this one GD. Peeved me a bit as well wondering what those consequences might be. Only thing i could think of is we might cancel our arms purchasing contract with them!
    (What do we need ‘shoot around corners’ weapons for anyway, unless they plan to use them in the Dail!)
    See Chris Andrews TD (FF) was quick off the mark – launching an online petition where we could voice our support for the Irish Governments stance. Why do the government need us to back them up on this – they could just tell the Israelis anyway. The cynic in me says there was no way Israel was going to harm any Irish citizens and FF know this – just capitalising on an opportunity to look authorative.
    Having said all that I would recommend a boycott of all Israeli products until the siege is lifted.

  2. by the way, weird stuff going on when leaving comments. Temporary glitch, or are you being monitored! Spooks lurking in the machinery!

  3. Damn, blast, bother, knickers and SPIT!!  I don’t know what the fuck happened there!!

    Mossad wouldn’t know how.  Heh!!

  4. Send forth  “Jedward”  to smite the Israelites .. that’ll teach the buggers …

  5. Yep, have been boycotting ‘their’ products for years. Shower of cunts.
    Of course Israel wouldnt think twice about getting heavy with Irish citizens, it sure as hell didnt stop them from using stolen Irish identities to assassinate a legitimately elected palestinian leader (I’m no fan of Hamas).
    Their arrogance astounds me. Gods chosen people me hole!

  6. Cowen is on the right tack but his words must be matched by devastatingly imaginative actions. Ireland could issue fake Israeli passports to middle eastern-looking types who want to visit the Holy Land en route to the Haj.
    The editor of the Skibbereen Eagle could also conjointly publish a blistering editorial on the flotilla incident. That’ll make make ’em sit up and pay attention.

  7. Becky – The two things that piss me off most about the Israelis..  claiming to be God’s Chosen People and their constant playing of the Holocaust Card.   They can fuck off.

    Gabby – I like the idea of the fake passports.  It has a poetic ring to it.  An editorial in the Skibereen Eagle is a little over the top though?

  8. Not over the top, Grandpa. Remember that the editor of the Skibbereen Eagle ‘kept a sharp eye on the Tsar of Russia’ during the latter half of the 19th century. History records that one Tsar was assassinated (1882 I think) and another was ultimately swept away in 1917 by the Russian revolution. Post hoc ergo propter hoc. The good old Skibbo achieved results at the end of the day old boy.
    Cowen and the Minister for Defence should consider sending an Irish naval fisheries protection vessel immediately to the eastern Mediterranean littoral. That’ll mean that Ireland will tolerate no more fishy business from Israeli commando thugs.

  9. I tought your were shagging off grandad. Had me eye on this site..planned to build apartments and a shopping centre, but then I am always slightly behind the times…
    The threat Mr cowen spoke of was a Bank exec attack.
    He was going to send a dozen Irish bank exectutives over to really mess them up!

  10. Yup – send in the Skibbo. Threaten to send in Daniel O’Donnell. Ban organised trips to the Holy Land sites. That’ll get them trembling.

  11. Threaten to send them Daniel O’Donnell? The Israelis might think he’s a grand nephew of the American comedian Danny Kaye (d.1987) and their guffaws would turn to scorn when they realize that the Donegal crooner doesn’t have red hair. But you’ve given me an idea: send in that foot-in-mouth comedian Tommy Tiernan. He’d silence them into surrender.

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