The end of Head Rambles — 32 Comments

  1. No. It couldn’t be! He’s stopping? Finally? Really?
    Damn! no!
    You had my hopes up.
    We couldn’t be that lucky.

  2. Sean – Why?  Apart from the money?

    Darragh – Thank you for your very kind words.  Kind sentiments like that make me all the more determined to carry on.

  3. Hey grandad – love reading your musings daily but I rarely comment.
    Hope you can find the enthusiasm to carry on – We smokers need somebody to fight the fight and call all the killjoy brigade to task.
    I’m off for a smoke now…..

  4. If someone puts a netbook in your casket, you would blog for at least a fortnight or two after your passing. Not that we expect that to happen any time soon.

  5. Christ I thought for a minute I’d seen off another blogger. Nearly every time I find a good site the bugger gives up. So do try and last a bit longer before I start to get really paranoid.

  6. And another thing just because I’m exiled in this god forsaken country doesn’t mean I want a little tricolor  next my name. Your site should know I need a St Andrews Cross

  7. I have a friend in ASH that would love to do some guest posting for you . . .

  8. Dessiegee – I suppose if you put it like that?  The voice of the downtrodden smoker?

    Doc – Howya!

    Jim C – An interesting experiment.  Just so long as it isn’t an iPad.  And I’m not willing to try it quite just yet….  😐

    Neelly – Maybe you are paranoid?  And you are stuck with that flag whether you like it or not.  Unless you’re schizophrenic as well?

    Neighbour – You nearly had me falling for that one.  I know you’re fibbing though, because people in ASH don’t have friends.  They are a sub-species.

  9. give me a heart attack why dontcha!? Your site is my daily dose of laughter to get my day started. It would be sadly missed if it ended.

  10. Close call there. There’s still loads of stuff out there to give out and moan about it. You need to be more positive Grandad. 

  11. First time commenting on your excellent site; my morning coffee wouldn’t be the same without the moaning meanderings of Head Rambles!   

  12. Shannon – Oh, all right then.  Just for you….

    Holemaster – Do you want me to be more positive or negative?  Please make up your mind.

    Welcome, Leeroady!   Now, wasn’t it worth while scaring the shit out of everyone just to get you to comment?  😉

  13. Numbers of commenters don’t necessarily reflect numbers of readers. I read and enjoy your rants every day but I don’t always comment. You’re my first pitstop ( after the essential one, if you know what I mean) and my only complaint is that I sense an unwelcome mellowing creeping into your blog style. Go on your holliers, have a ball and try to come back angrier. Trust me, we’re still out here.

  14. Paulo – Take it from me.. numbers are down.  I have a nasty feeling you are right – I must eat more Vindaloos and get a fire in my belly again.  Old age is a curse for the mellowing.

  15. First time commenting for me as well, but I thought I should pop out of lurkdom to let you know I do read and enjoy your blog a lot. I’d hate to see it go the way of the dodo bird…

  16. Jaysus!  You really had me going there!  Keep the post comin’, Grandad.  I may not always ramble on with the rest of the lot, but I’m always reading.
    (JD runs back into the shadows of the interweb.)

  17. Ok, I’ll fess up to constantly reading but never commenting.  You consistantly make me snort tea out of my nose while laughing.  Dont go!

  18. Grandad
    You asked why I wanted you to carry on (apart from the money).   Well selfishly because I enjoy reading your blog and would hate to lose two of my favourite blogs in one week.  Constantly Furious being the other one.  Err maybe he isn’t finished after all…

  19. Good god – I come back to read your blog after about 10 months and read that you’re quitting? Never knew my absent comments had such an impact. Oh wait – you havn’t quit. Oh wait – this isn’t the real Shoop….

  20. Welcome to my new readers commenters!

    It probably seems like I was looking for an ego boost here, just trying to get people to beg me to stay [not that many of you did!  Heh!].  I did seriously think of chucking it, but fuckit…  I have to be doing something, I suppose?

  21. Atta boy. Now that Shoop is back off the dole queue and back in the office – more time to rant and waste time here. Hoorah!

  22. SHoop – Another reason for me to continue – people have to have something to do when they are supposed to be working?


  23. You can’t leave. Who would fill your gap?
    And don’t say the bear would…

  24. TheChrisD – Where is Bear these days?  What happened to his adventures on camera?

  25. He’s gone ahead and now starts to post his funny pictures on his Facebook page, and the odd time he might post something onto his blog at
    Which reminds me, I really need to finish that site off…

  26. Ah!  Fame and fortune going to his head?  Tell him that Facebook is a deathtrap for celebrities.

  27. Has it been 6 months already? Damn, I can’t believe I missed your semi-annual “I’m going to quit this shit” post.  See what happens when you move into a new house? Lose my Internet for a week or so and no time to get on after while moving and setting up and now I’m missing all the good stuff.

    Glad you’re not quitting by the way. The Internet wouldn’t be the same without you.

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