Gormless in the gutter — 7 Comments

  1. We’re getting the same over here, Grandad. They’re dredging the bottom of the barrel now.

    They’ve got nothing original to say but are forced to keep wittering as that’s what the state pays them for. The problem they have is that they have nothing new to offer except quite laughable nonsense. It’s that or the tired old cliches which no-one with any sense believes anymore.

    It’s desperate stuff. I’m lovin’ it. 😉

  2. Dick – Welcome to the world of coalition governments!!  The only good thing Gormless has managed to do since he came to power is to utterly demolish the Green Party in the ratings.  He is a pathetic little tosser.

    Brianf – Green Party Minister for the Environment.  His only achievment to date [apart from killing the Green Party] is to introduce a hefty ‘carbon’ tax on all fuels.  He tried to ban filament lightbulbs [but failed].   He is a weedy little nodody who sold all his principles for that chance of a bit of power.

    TT – Thanks.  I have doubled my intake to celebrate.  🙂

  3. I don’t have butts.  I smoke a pipe.  I use a lighter, so I don’t even discard matchsticks.  Anyway, the vast majority of rubbish in the streets is caused by non-smokers.

  4. What else would one expect from a Fianna Fail court eunuch? He’s just been handed a little issuette for himself.

    I’m sure I won’t be the last to point out that the Greens are basically Fianna Fail bin-men so you can see where this is coming from. ‘Chuck John something to keep him going. Sump’n to do with litter and recycling or what-have-you until such time as we need to wheel him out as a coalition mudguard’.

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