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  1. I have my lynching kit ready to go. Listening to Newstalk at the moment and the fire inside is rising in temperature rapidly!

  2. Erm, have you upped sticks and moved to the UK Grandad?
    If I hadn’t seen the word “Ireland” dotted around your post I could have sworn that you were describing these shores and the fucking shambles we have over here.
    On the smoking ban here, ZanuLabour are conducting a review of the ban this summer as they said they do. Ahead of that Labour have came out with their Manifesto ahead of the GE on May the sixth. Here is a telling part of that Manifesto:
    “The ban on smoking in public places will be maintained. Wherever necessary, we will act to protect children’s health from tobacco, alcohol and sunbeds”
    So, it appears that these bastards that govern us had no intention of ‘reviewing’ the smoking ban, it was just sham as they had already decided that the smoking ban was not to be messed with as far as amendments are concerned to save our pub and club industry.
    Hanging them is too soft, what ever happened to hanging, drawing and quartering? I want my MPs to suffer, suffer for making us all suffer, the lying, toading, troughing bastards.
    Yep, I’m mad as hell.

  3. This country was like the TITANIC, we set sail for the land of new hope under the captaincy of Bertie & his crew of cunts, we were told the ship was indestructable and would never sink, anyone who questioned this (Many of us did) were told to fuck off and hang ourselves. Then the ship hit an ICEBERG (Builders & Bankers & FF donors & Sean Quinn etc), turned out the water tight doors (Regulators & Central bank) were left open & didn’t do their job & the ship sank. THE END.


    But you’ll have to excuse me , I’m biased in that I hate Fianna Fail & the fucking Greens, so maybe they are doing a good job.

  4. I agree with all of the above Grandad, but honestly I think Joe Public has to step upto the plate as well.

    Instead of signing up to a hangable rate of APR for the latest design your own credit card, or nodding in agreement that 12 times your salary was indeed a flash of brilliance for that semi in sh*tsville we could of just said, hang on a sec here I think im being rode the wrong way around… but we didnt did we?

  5. Robert – I don’t listen to the radio any more.  It’s all either government lies and propaganda, or else it is just ome poor sod like me who isn’t listened to!

    BigYin – I saw that.  I am following you lot on The Other Island and you are in much the same situation [though not as bad, believe it or not!].  Your bunch are from the same school of lies and hypocrisy as our shower of fuckers.

    Lafsword – I hate those wankers in Fianna Fail [always have] and the Greens, but I don’t think bias has anything to do with it.  I honestly cannot think of one single good thing they have done in the past year.  Not one single fucking thing.  They have cocked up everything from the banks to grit on the roads.  They have screwed this country to within an inch of its life and still manage to do more damage.  Now they are offering €450,000,000 to Greece!!!!  God give me fucking strength!

    Ranty – I read that, and could apply exactly the same thing here.  What we need is a New World Order!  The old system just does not work.

    Johnie – You can leave me out of that one.  I never signed up for any loans or credit cards.  I have no second homes, here or abroad.  I binned yet another MNBA card application for only this morning.  I didn’t make a cent out of the boom years, but I still have to pay for ’em.

  6. I can’t imagine what it must be like for the people living in Ireland. To see your country be flushed down the toilet all because of greedy bankers, corrupt government and everything else.

    I have also never understood why governments try and help foreign nations before they help their own people. (i mean i know why…but you know what i mean.)

    We need an entire new WORLD order. All governments all over the world are a group of corrupt, greedy bastards that would do anything for their own gain. Maybe you should be the new leader Grandad 😉
    .-= Shannon´s last brainfart .. The coming of Summer =-.

  7. Grandad, my way is the OLD world order. We managed just fine without millions of shiney-arses in non-jobs, brutal police, brain-dead politicians and criminally biased press.

    I’d like to peel back centuries of clusterfucks and snafu’s.

    BTW, the first three times I visited Dublin I made some wonderful friends and some wonderful memories. Then the smoking ban arrived. I have been back once since then and the heart appears to have been ripped out of the city. I shall not return.

    Change isn’t always for the best. All I ask is a bit of fucking thought prior to the social engineering experimentation. Your politicians are no worse & no better than ours. It must be the qualifications they all have to have before becoming politicians: a PhD in Interference and a Masters in Fucking People Up.

    Bastards all.

    Sorry for the rant.

    .-= Captain Ranty´s last brainfart .. GE2010 And My Worthless Vote =-.

  8. Politicians (of every stripe) fall broadly into two categories ..

    The ones who’ve never had a “proper” job in the “real” world, in their entire lives ..

    And the ones who have .. but who were so fucking useless at it they became politicians ..

    Their determination to fuck-up the rest of us stems from either spite .. or revenge …

  9. Politicians always give off the old line about them giving up potentially lucrative positions in industry to serve their country.
    Which is a load of balls because the average time a former MP in the UK spends before getting a job outside politics is 18 months.
    There are eight teachers, a social worker and a former travel agent in the Irish cabinet. I believe those teachers all have jobs kept open for them and pensions from those jobs as well.
    No one can convince me that Mary Coughlan would have had a successful career if it had’t been for patronage.
    The real loss from the corruption of the last twenty years will be a hidden loss. People who would be good in political roles won’t apply because they don’t want to be associated with corruption.

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