Cooking Jamie Oliver on the radio — 9 Comments

  1. Cheers paps. I’m delighted at your rage against this fuckin (you Irish sure swear a lot) americanisation of our Irish/English language. It greatly irks me as well. I seems to me that the education (leather, bata and such) given to our age group makes us rage at sloppiness from those who use words as part of their ‘profession’.

    Or maybe it’s age. Of course it’s now trendy to be a grumpy old man. Fuck trendiness.

    Do they pay you NUJ rates to speak on the wireless? I hope you don’t spread your shite for free.

  2. Kerryview – I think you may have hit on a valid point there.  Us lot were educated while we were at school.  Nowadays they just seem to entertain them?

    Are you implying that I’m grumpy?  I think I am merely reasonable.  All I am doing is pointing out the correct path for modern youth, using the benefit of my vast wisdom.

    They pay me my standard rate – €1,000 an hour.  That’s my ‘recession rate’ though.  It will be going back to normal as soon as someone kills that fucker Biffo.

  3. You put your finger on the general malaise of viewers of cooking, gardening, travel and DIY programs who really want to do this stuff, but can’t be arsed getting off the couch and actually doing it.
    Reality programs are a special case for people who haven’t even got a life!

  4. BigYin – Sorry for the delay in replying – I have just spent five minutes in the jax, puking my ring up after watching that video.  So “we gotta let it happen” huh?  Sanctimonious smug little bollix!

    Neighbour – Reality programmes leave me at a complete loss for words.  I just cannot understand the mentality behind them.  They are the ultimate in lowest common denominator television.

  5. You have moved your naked interviewing technique into the garden now?
    ‘Tis no wonder Sandy was barking. Probably trying to warn your friend off before he got close enough to realise that the grass being very high was a very very good thing for the mental health and emotional wellbeing of the neighbourhood.

  6. Con – There is no point in leaving out your name to force me to use the Cap’n title.  😉

    Who said anything about being naked?  I do dress occasionally, and am sometimes quite respectable [like at weddings and funerals].  Or do you just like to picture me naked all the time?  Weirdo.

  7. That’s the cheerful outlook that was the cornerstone of my childhood!  If it weren’t for Bunty I’d be a raving sociopath by now.

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