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  1. Grandad,

    Heard a great story recently. Mother came into the doctors with her daughter claiming that she had a learning disorder or ADHD. The doctor took one look, left the kid to play in his office with the radio on and stood outside watching in with the mother.

    “What’s the problem?”, he asked the mother.
    ““We think Gillian has a learning disorder.””, replied the mother.
    “Mrs. Lynne, Gillian isn’t sick, she’s a dancer. Take her to dance school.” advised the doctor after watching for a few minutes.

    Gillian Lynne grew up to be the choreographer of Cats, Phantom of the Opera, and one of England’s best ballerinas!

    Would love if there were a few more of those doctors around these days instead of handing out the ritalin.

  2. ADHD is a load of crap…those kids just need a good smack and it would probably solve all their issues. Parents just dont like to admit they are failures, so they need a label they can give their children to make it seem like they can’t help but act that way. Maybe the parents need a good smack as well…

  3. Much as I sympathise with your experience Grandad ..

    It probably wasn’t “Little Slug’s” fault at all .. but that of his fat, selfish, “shut-the-fuck-up-so-I-can-enjoy-my-life” mother ..

    He’s obviously learned (from experience) that to get what he wants .. all he need do is yell ..

    Its she who needs the “Baseball Bat Symphony” played on her head, followed by immediate sterilisation .. to ensure she can’t bring any more “Little Slugs” into the world ..

  4. Grandad

    After the current system is dismantled, you are bound to be elected
    Minister of Health, Education, Media and Just Rewards

    Your first order of business. –
    Do away with Anger Management, Tolerance and Sensitivity Training, Feminist Studies, and all other unnecessary and damaging programs.

    Next, enact torture ‘treatments’ for
    Common Sense Deficiency, and for anyone participating in erroneous ‘research’ projects.

    All Hail, Grandad

  5. Before I say anything else, of course I blame the mother.  The tub of lard was too interested in yakking to her pal to pay any attention to Little Slug, and just pawned him off with more food to get rid of him.  Walloping Slug with a baseball bat would be just for my own satisfaction.  Pulverising the mother would have been a service to humanity.

    I have always been very sceptical of ADHD and all that shite.  Is it a little strange though, that it started to appear not long after capital corporal punishment was banned in schools?  ADHD is one of two things – hyperactivity due to a bad diet, or just plain old lack of discipline.  Occasionally it can be caused by a kid just being in the wrong environment – a la Swissjob’s comment.

    Quiet Reader – I think it would be easier just to do away with society.  Few of  ’em deserve to live anyway.  😈

  6. Attention Deficit … and thats a physiological disorder now. Must have only developed recently then as in none of the history I’ve read do a regiment of soldiers suddenly wander off in the middle of a battle, distracted by the nice leaves on the trees over there.

    I’m pretty sure you put your finger on the problem there Grandad- if Kid isn’t perfect all the time then it must be a medical condition. Beats having to admit you aren’t a very good parent after all.

    In the States everybody has an allergy of some kind or another, or ADD, or ADHD which handlily explains why they haven’t yet been recognised as Leader of the World.

    its all to do with ego- everybody is equally valuable in school, everybody gets a prize and everybody gets ‘validated’. Until they hit the real world and need a medical condition to explain why they aren’t equally successful.

    I think many parents have no idea about the importance of diet to kids- filling them with sugar and crap is bound to result in bizarre behaviour.

    Ever watched any of those child behavoural programmes … ‘Nanny’ or something? Every episode begins by describing the child’s problem and ends up by addressing the parental problem. Bit of a giveaway.

  7. Cap’n Con ..

    You raise some very interesting & valid points ..

    For example, when I was at school (in the 1950’s & 60’s) I never knew or heard of a single child who suffered from “Asthma” .. nor a child who was “allergic” or “intolerant” to anything ..

    Sure, there was always one poor kid in most classes with the pink elastoplast over one lens of their NHS specs ..

    Recalcitrant, obstructive or disobedient behaviour in schools was dealt with by means of a swift clip round the ear .. or in more serious cases a dose of the cane ..

    Equally, I never knew of any adult who had a tame “Therapist” .. or even a tame Solicitor ..

    Criminal behaviour in adults was effectively & swiftly dealt with by the Police & the Courts .. but the majority of people (the ones I knew anyway) had a certain “pride” & didn’t relish their good names being dragged through the mud, or blazoned across the front pages of the paper ..

    Like most of the retrograde things which have beset this country in the last 50 or so years .. they’ve all been imported from across the Atlantic ..

    No-one must be “demonised” or held responsible for their actions .. particularly if a convenient pseudo-medical condition can be invented to cover it & rafts of Lawyers, along with questionable Medical “experts” are making a profitable & comfortable living by keeping the scam going ..

    Need I say more ?

  8. The interesting point here I think Grandad is that if she had been beating the child or if he had actually looked malnourished you might have felt compelled to report her for abuse of her child. Yet she was abusing him for the half an hour by giving him all that shit to eat. You should have given him your pipe for the half hour -would have caused less damage.
    You should have said something to her. I would have…

  9. You must be joking, SAm.  She was the size of a double decker bus and would have flattened me with one punch.  I know my limits.  Maybe I should start carrying a packet of cigarettes with me to offer to obese kids?  Not a bad idea……

  10. Grandad

    I do believe you have your Vice-Minister and Cabinet Members. 
    ( No, not the liquor cabinet. )

    Captains, Con, Haddock, Ranty, and also Snookertony.
    The rest of us will serve as consultants, when need be.  I see no such need arising, with that full boat.

  11. Gd, you probably found him already, but Snookertony left a reply on your April 11th, Faces I could never tire of kicking – 5.

  12. Gd, you’re not getting old, you just have a noggin chock-full of important and imperative  info.     And porn.

    Hey, I like how I’m not in time-out for 5 minutes before I can play.
    Thanks for whatever you did.

  13. Thanks, Quite Reader, I’ll await the call.
    Grandad. Keep counting to ten and breathing easily. We can’t afford to lose you through a moments lapse in the face of scangers. Stay calm. Drink lots of tea when you’re out among mortals.

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