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  1. Pubs close here in New Zealand on Good Friday too Grandad, so it’s not just an Irish thing. Luckily I had stocked up on the cans of Guinness from the local supermarket.

    Pullit has the ‘welcome to Limerick’ sign up then?

  2. Grandad

    I like the way you crucify this so-called holiday.

    Happy Sad Friday!

  3. Sure its a grand day for a crucifixion is it not?

    As a kid Good Friday ruined my tellyvisual pleasure by taking Dempseys Den off air and showing programmes with nutjobs in the Phillipines crucifying themselves. All very wholesome stuff. Then there was the being dragged up to the Priory in Tallaght for ‘confession’. Good Friday me hole.

  4. I dont mind people complaining about the pubs being closed if they were in the pub last friday, and the friday before. Otherwise its just complaining for the sake of it. Lets not all get too tied up in the ‘control of the church’ boloxology.
    The pubs close two days a year. Thats it. Get over it.
    .-= SAm crea´s last brainfart .. Bring on the fear =-.

  5. Any pub that closes one day for any reason should be closed for good. Particularly when those dickheads in the Vatican are behind it.

  6. Richiemoshpit – Come in, and welcome!!  The pubs close in New Zealand too?  That is mad!  Maybe it’s a stain of the Irish influence.  Actually, Pullit does have a little “Welcome to Limerick” banner up.  I pointed out that Limerick is the other side of the country, but he just shrugged.  Pullit doesn’t go in much for trivial detail.

    Quiet Reader – Fair’s fair.  It’s crucifying me.

    Becky – I haven’t even dared look to see what crap is on tonight.  Probably Ben Hur.  No doubt I’ll end up back down in the pub.

    SAm – Will ya ever feck off!!  Get over it indeed!  Suppose I told you you had to stand on one leg in the middle of a bog for two days a year, because it’s part of my religion, how would you feel about it?

    TT – As if we didn’t have enough trouble keeping the pubs half open after the smoking ban!  😉

  7. Holy mother of GD, they close the pubs over there! It will never happen here, in fact they give us an extra hour at lunch to go to the holy bar. Long live America.
    .-= Brighid´s last brainfart .. I’m supposed to be… =-.

  8. Brighid – They do indeed.  It’s even illegal to sell alcohol in a restaurant with a meal.  Fucking madness.

  9. The whole Easter “thing” is a complete crock of shit and its about time Churches (of every stripe) were told to mind their own business & stop interfering in peoples lives ..

    In case the Churches hadn’t noticed .. there’s a worldwide recession going on .. businesses need to be able to trade .. (people’s livelihoods depend on it) not be restricted by irrelevant & outdated practices ..

  10. Haddock – Even apart from the recession, what happened to equality?  If we are supposed to treat all religions and traditions with equal respect then surely the shops should be sut every second day, to observe some rite or other?  Either that or stop faffing around and leave ’em open at their own discretion.

  11. I totally agree Grandad ..

    The decision should be an individual, voluntary one .. and not one put in place by the State (with Legislation to enforce it) at the behest of any particular religious group ..

    For example, I know of many Jewish businesses which close on Saturdays, in line with their beliefs .. but are open on Sundays ..

    I also know of quite a few who don’t bother ..

    There’s no legislation to enforce such closures .. its freedom of choice ..

  12. ffs Grandad, read a good book and forget about the pub. It will be open tomorrow. I am looking forward to my first pints in about seven weeks!
    And its 3D football. (I am going for the technology not the football)
    .-= SAm crea´s last brainfart .. Bring on the fear =-.

  13. SAm – I’m not worried about the pub.  I’ve had my couple of pints for today, so why worry?  What concerns me is that once again the wishes of some [the Catholic Church] are imposed upon the many.  If a group wishes to make a rule that its followers have to adhere to, then that’s fine, but I resent the fact that it is imposed on everyone.

    It’s not a matter of whether the pub is open or not; it’s a matter of principle.

  14. Over here ( Quebec) it’s called Saint Vendredi which translates as Holy Friday with nothing good, bad or indifferent about it. Back before the so called quiet revolution ( the early sixties) , which was a collective fuck off to the Church, the bars were shut tight as well . Since then it’s business as usual and what are ya having yourself ? Quebec in ten years went from being as priest ridden as Ireland to being probably the most secular province in the country, all because the vast majority of the people said, as one, fuck off and don’t call us we’ll call you.

  15. I was born on Good Friday by the way. At 3:00 AM precisely. My mother yelled GERONIMO!! when I finally made my appearance (she was hallucinating about jumping out of a perfectly good airplane at the time, it was the drugs they used back in the 50’s you know).

    All the above really doesn’t have anything to do with your post of course, but I thought you might want to know. It also might explain why I’ve had this vague feeling of being persecuted all my life. Could explain the migraines and the bad back as well.
    .-= Kirk M´s last brainfart .. Moving to Australia =-.

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