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  1. Feel a bit sorry for women in some respects as there are no greater critics of women than women themselves.

    They get all these conflicting social messages about being a women,a wife, a mother and apparently they are now under pressure to have a career as well. I’ll give you an exampole of how women are manipulated by the advertising media ..

    I was driving past a shopping centre in Cork a couple of years back and noticed a rather large poster advert declaiming ‘Spring Curtains! Now In!’

    If you think about the reason for that particular advert it becomes obvious that it is now telling (in the main) women that they have to have SEASONAL curtains now. If there are spring curtains then there must be summer, autumn and winter curtains. So thats now four sets of curtains the ad implies that you should be having.

    The ads for cosmetics are all aspirational- they invariable show some genetic long-legged freak and then imply that her ‘social success’ is down to the right shade of mascara or whatever. Its complete bollocks of course but then this sort of retail programming is beamed at people from birth. Where men are concerned it maybbe this misplaced loyalty to a footbal team that makes ’em hand out 60 euros each year for the new season’s football shirt.

    Its pure manipulation. Pick up a wedding magazine and you’ll find some of the most screamingly nonsensical sales pitches with vastly expensive designer gear and crap sold for thousands because its the cash in on a lifetime’s careful programming of the woman involved.

    I wouldn’t worry about the ‘misogyny’ tag Groandad. There are some female charlatans around who think that anyone who disagrees with them is anti-feminist- I give Mary Coughlan who accused a TD of sexism last week because he criticised her in the Dail.

    She clearly thinks ‘sexism’ is disagreeing with a woman. If they keep that up feminism should be fairly discredited in a few short years. Its like the black burglar who claims ‘racism’ when caught halfway through someone’s window.

  2. In the immortal words of Alfred E Newman – “What?  Me worry?”

    I am amused more than anything. Just out of interest, would it be as sexist of me to call the name caller a dyke?  The problem with feminist women is that they want it both ways.  They can call me names, but it is sexist for me to call ’em names back!

    The way advertising works is to breed dissatisfaction.  People would be quite happy with their curtains, but a billboard will plant that seed in their minds – am I missing out by not changing them?  Similarly most women [and men] would be quite happy with their looks if it weren’t for all these ads telling them that they are imperfect and that X will fix it.  Look at the crap they pump out about our houses “crawling with germs” – to listen to them, it’s a wonder any of us are still alive.

    Of course, now that they have saturated the female market, they are turning to the males.  What man is now complete unless he has his latest face cream on?  What a load of utter bollox.

  3. I’m so relieved to be a bloke.

    Particularly a young, handsome and unbearably talented one.

    Impressively well hung to boot.*

    I may have to go find a mirror to admire myself just now. Or possibly an adoring member of the opposite sex.

    I just hope that she/they won’t feel the need to stalk me this time.

    And I get free socks..

    *Okay, so it’s more like knee-length, but that’s why I don’t wear shorts..

  4. What a load of old shite. Kitchen and the bedroom in that order. No other place for ’em. And when she reaches 40 years old, trade her in for two twenty year olds. You can’t reason with women. They are totally illogical. Incapable of rational thought process. I mean, I ask you, would anybody in their right mind this side of the stone age paint their fuckin’ face? It’s the 21st century for God’s sake.

  5. I’ve no beef with feminism and it was sorely needed. I applauded the way Mary Robinson won the Presidential election and bust up that old fossil club that the presidency was handed around.

    Countries that discriminate against women are demonstrably cutting their own throats. Saudi Arabia for example is a good case of a country with only 50% of the available brainpower being used.

    The dangerous side of what is mistakenly taken for feminism is this weird almost religious belief that anything a woman says must be right otherwise she’s being oppressed. That is as dangerous as male misogyny and simply a reversal of existing discriminations.

    The danger with real tragedies such as Mary Coughlan and her strange interpretation of criticism as being ‘sexist’ if a man criticises her comes from the same daft bag as Harriet Harman in the UK and that other little squirrel whose name escapes me but responded to a press question by stating that the credit crunch would never have happened if the economy was run by women.

    Not noticing of course that the senior Dowing Street advisor on banking for years before the crisis was a female ex-Credit Suisse, ex-Goldman Sachs banker. The same woman who didn’t notice that her PA had half-inched £5million from her personal bank account.

    Being female is no guarantee of intelligence, any more than being male is.

  6. You guys are fantastic!

    I know of a miracle tonic, that once applied, is guaranteed to put a glow on your face, a healthy pink hue to your cheeks, and even a brightness to your eyes. The marketers came up with a great name for it.-

    ‘ Free Expression ‘

    It had lost popularity for quite some time, but now it’s making a real comeback.

    ( BTS, We need to talk. )

  7. Have I just been propositioned..?

    I have to ask ’cause I’m only young an’ all..

  8. TT – You are very slow to admit this, but we agree more than disagree about many things.

    Con – It’s the same with virtually any rights issue.  Once you grant special rights to a sector of society, that sector is going to abuse the privilage sooner or later, and start screaming discrimination.

    Quiet Reader – “I know of a miracle tonic, that once applied, is guaranteed to put a glow on your face, a healthy pink hue to your cheeks, and even a brightness to your eyes.”  I thought you were going to say whiskey.  That has the same effect too.

    BTS – Gift horses and all that?

    BigYin – Haven’t a fuckin’ clue.  Had enuff trouble spellin’ it.

  9. BTS You catch on quick for an Adonis type.
    I’m intrigued by your self-description. It was the talent part that got me.

    I promise not to stalk you. But then again, isn’t it a womans prerogative to change her mind?
    ( Yay! Another freebie for us. )

  10. Nah. It’s hard to agree with someone who maintrains that smoking is good for you. You can’t be firing on all cylinders.

  11. Brighid – Jayzus but you’re making a lot of work for the two of us.  I just fixed your first one!!  🙂

  12. Surely the PC word should be mizogyny and is there a misterogyny? I ask myself…

  13. if there really was a glass ceiling wouldnt we have them all standing on it anyway?

  14. BTS, remember to watch the video and if you must go out wear your sock…
    GD, why anyone would think you were a woman hater is beyond my comprehension…you’ve surrounded your self with them, revered them in print and pictures, you’ve supported them on many different levels, and given the (us) really homely ones a bit of enlightnment…
    .-= Brighid´s last brainfart .. I’m supposed to be… =-.

  15. Grandad, the Mrs. just told me what wimmin’ are all about and….i’m still none the wiser???

    But she still says your a cunt and did you get her email? She labeled the email “hey, do they sell shoes in Ireland?”

    All I said was “do you fancy a holiday in Ireland this summer” and she went on the hinternet and came accross your blog? Have you mentioned wimmin’s shoes in a past posting? If you wear a size 10 then where can I get a pair when I visit your over burdened cuntry?

    Talking about CUNTRIES, have you visited the UK recently? No, thought not, and I can understand why, take the ‘cunt’ out of cuntry and this shithole will be a better place to live.

    OK, I’ve had a bevvy or two, so shoot me.
    .-= TheBigYin´s last brainfart .. 29% of their survey said… =-.

  16. Oddly enough, I have also been called a misogynist. It seems to be an all-purpose insult when they can’t think of anything better to say.
    .-= Bock the Robber´s last brainfart .. limerickscape023 =-.

  17. King’s Bard – Msogyny?  Personongyny?  And in answer to your question – I’ll ask Herself.

    Fuck it..I love women” … be very careful to get that the right way around?

    Johnie – Are you one of those who stands under open tread staircases?

    Brighid – Thank you for seeing the true me.  I really do try to help women out in this difficult world.  I’m even thinking of allowing Herself rest from her outdoor duties on Sunday afternoons.

    BigYin – If Mrs BigYin thinks I’m a cunt, then why is she writing to me?  Is her name Olga from Leningrad, because I’ve had a few mails from her?  I don’t know about size 10 shoes, or where you would get them.  I wear size 11 and there is a shop near here sells them.  I’m lucky.

    Bock – Maybe that explains why they use the word so often?  Heh!


  18. I’m at a complete loss for words. Probably because I can’t spell misogynist.

    By the way, you forgot Puppychild in your female lineup at home. She may not be old enough for makeup yet but she makes a mean severed hand.
    .-= Kirk M´s last brainfart .. Moving to Australia =-.

  19. Ta for the video Brighid – I was just about to head out without my whip..

    And thank you one and all for all the attention my remarkably accurate description has garnered. I can only say that one of my many talents is a finely honed ability for self-aggrandizement (some would say self-delusion, but they’re just jealous. Not to mention quite ugly..) combined with a healthy diet of vodka, tobacco and MASH (four episodes on Comedy Central Extra between four and six AM).

    Btw, before I go back to admiring myself in the full-length mirror (it needs to be..) can any wise soul explain to me if it’s still technically considered to be rude when you hand a chick the paper bag if the girl is actually ugly as sin and, to be quite frank, you’re doing her a favour anyway?

    I mean, I don’t mind if she wants to cut eye holes in it so that she can look at me (so long as she doesn’t have a wonky eye or something. That would just make me think I’m shagging Gorgon Brown or something), but I think I’m being rather reasonable, all things considered..

  20. I don’t consider myself in the least Mysoginistic ..

    Quite the reverse in fact .. I think of myself as an “old-fashioned” Gentleman ..

    When I was married, I always took my flat cap off .. before fetching the Missus a Fourpenny one round the lug-‘ole …

    And in the earlier, happier years .. I always took the weight on knees & elbows ..

  21. BTS,

    Tis not rude, if she is actually ugly as sin, and I’m sure many gals have been thankful for your favors.

    Good on you too, for being ‘green’, using paper bags instead of plastic.

  22. Kirk M – Had to draw the line somewhere  Otherwise I might have to include TAT, and that could be a dangerous road to go down.

    BTS – Could you please not include the words ‘shagging’ and ‘Gordon Brown’  in the same sentence please?  I feel quite nauseous.

    Haddock – I always say a true gentleman is one who takes his boots off before getting into bed.  Or at least cleans the mud off them first.

    Quiet Reader – Now that I think of it, your avatar thingy looks s bit like a green bag on someone’s head.  Comments?

  23. Grandad!


    As I told you before, That Is Not My Avatar! –
    I am rudely using some unknowns e-mail address!

    You really need to back off on the cal/mag. –
    You are Unstoppable now!

    And I love it!

    Not a Ms, Not ugly, No favors necessary,
    and Not taking any guff!

  24. Paper bags are definitely better than plastic. Not only can you recycle them, but the risk of asphyxiation is greatly reduced.

    Unless she’s of an excessively energetic nature and you have to tape it on. That can be unfortunate. I shan’t be doing that again. There is a limit to what can be easily recycled after all..

    As an aside, codeine mixes really well with vodka. If anyone hasn’t tried it yet, I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

    I could really get to like it around here. Sorry Grandad.

  25. Quiet Reader – I know it’s not your avatar, and I know you stole it.  I also know you were wondering what it is?  All I suggested was that it was a green bag.  Or a green pussy?  Actually, I think it is a green pussy.   How Irish!

  26. BTS – Codeine and vodka?  Is that to stop the hangover before it starts?  And why are you apologising?

  27. Grandad

    I ask you to please work your back door, scratch that,…your behind-the-scenes magic, and delete ‘my’ avatar. Or, give me one, of your many, old e-mail addresses, that has no, or a pleasant, avatar.

    I would rather not, in your mind or anyone elses, be associated with…’that’.

    Come on, it’s Sad Friday after all. –
    Make a little sacrifice.

  28. BTS

    No need to deprive the energetic bunch, or yourself. –

    Ship any un-recyclable ‘used goods’ to Grandad. He knows how to dispose of nuisances, from his expertise with tourists.

  29. Grandad, the codeine does work for hangover prevention. But not much as a determined attempt to never stop drinking.*

    The apologies were in advance for my unfortunate habit of crashing perfectly respectable blogs (note to self: stop giggling..) and transmuting them into a place where others (Quiet Reader, hmm..?) end up suggesting the author as an appropriate recipient for a body dump.

    I’m just looking to the future.

    And, for some reason, it only ever seems to get worse..

    Ooh.. vodka..

    *Barring sleep that is, but I’m not so good at that either and so shall stick to what I know.

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