Faces I could never tire of kicking – 4 — 6 Comments

  1. Oh, I really thought that it was going to be the Pope’s personal preacher, Fr Raniero Cantalamessa. Can he get a couple of kicks, please?

  2. Hopefully we’re entering a new era, albeit a tough one, where old-schoolers like this will be sidelined and eased / shoved out of the way.

    The Ireland of the future won’t have the space or tolerance for mediocrity, complacency, cronyism and politicians nest feathering, and if we really do have better educated generations coming through (holds breath) then things will change.

    Oh, just woke up! rewrite…!

    1. – Bring the politicians, bankers, developers, legal profession, to account for the mess (where appropriate through the justice system).

    2. – Accept responsibility as a nation for buying into the bullshit – yes there are exceptions 😉

    3. – Demote the profile of government; put them back to where they’re supposed to be – creating broad frameworks that allow to society to function and develop, not media obsessed creatures trying to justify their existence.

    4. – Accept the fact that we’ll be paying for generations and that unless there’s political reform nothing really inspirational is going to come from above.

    5. – Realise at an individual level that racing each other can end in a crash! Return to co-op mentality, work together, and don’t depend or government or TDs to make things better for you.

    6. – Accept the fact that standard of living / salaries / public services are all going to reduce – drop expectations and work upwards from there.

    7. – Go out and enjoy a pint!

    Well something like that anyway!
    .-= Mick´s last brainfart .. TG4 Web TV =-.

  3. DBM – Feel free!  I don’t have a monopoly on who gets hammered.  Could you include the Pope while you are at it?

    Mick – I can’t argue with any of your points above, least of all number 7.  All the time we have the likes of JHR cluttering up the place and leeching the country’s finances, things will never imrove.


  4. Grandad :

    Whilst you have my sympathies at having to tolerate this vertically challenged Git ..

    Could I please nominate Jamie bloody Oliver for a good facial kicking ?

    The thick-lipped, lisping, estuary-english speaking tosser seems to believe that he .. and he alone invented healthy eating ..

    And that he is, somehow God’s gift to the culinary arts ..

  5. Haddock – I have quite a list of potentials for this little mini-series of mine.  You will find this rather hard to believe, but as far as I know, Mr Oliver is lurking in there somewhere.  How could I forget everyone’s favourite chef?

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