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  1. Not only a SatNav but a feckin’ great satellite dish on the roof – and still they get stuck in a snow drift.  Fuckin’ eejits!  I warned ’em.

  2. TT – You should be ashamed of yourself!  No.  You don’t know her – she’s just a ‘friend’ not Herself].

    Mick – I sincerely hope you are not suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?

  3. Doc – Welcome back [Dad!].  You’ve been missed.  Our mountains are full of Americans who either made the mistake of asking directions, or using SatNavs.  Does anyone know a) how to read a map or b) use logic any more?

    RhodesTer – Button?  What button?

  4. HAHA, I don’t know if you’re serious Doc, or messing with an American, but a button is a closing line in a piece of writing. In humor (HUMOUR, sorry) most comedic film and television scenes, plus scenes in theatre need a good “button” as a character exits.

    Grandad’s button is – “There again, if they had read my site, they would have known better than to ask directions from an old fella with a beard and pipe in the first place.”

    It’s the punchline to the whole piece! Now he can exit the stage and after a good laugh from the audience, we all continue with our play.
    .-= rhodester´s last brainfart .. They Want.. =-.

  5. Ah!  I have never heard of a ‘button’ before [apart from the obvious].  I sometimes like to end on a cheerful note, so never realised I was sewing buttons.  And leave Doc alone.  He is my Dad [leastwise, he adopted me a couple of years ago – I have the certificate].

  6. …the only thing I know about buttons have to do with scraping the furry stuff off them before ingestion, else you will be ill.

    of course…you can’t find them in the mountains.

    glad to be back, Son. I had thought you might have taken the Euros garned on your book and re-retired to France permanently….
    .-= Doc´s last brainfart .. Vatican Vetts WNBTv’s Film Picks! =-.

  7. RhodesTer – You confused me.  It looked to me like you thought Doc asked about buttons?  I’m very protective towards my various fathers.

    Doc – I’m still searching, but as yet I haven’t found any decent French properties for under €5.

  8. RhodesTer –

    Question? I ain’t got no questions. I don’t need no questions! I don’t have to ask you any stinkin’ question!

    Son –

    Oooooh! €5? Careful…you may now have some gallic readers waiting to overcharge you for that remark on your next holiday.
    .-= Doc´s last brainfart .. Vatican Vetts WNBTv’s Film Picks! =-.

  9. …methinks RhodesTer has a touch of…of…oh…wait…it’ll come to me, you know, that thing where you can’t read or parse language properly…what IS is?…hmmmm…WAIT!!!! I remember: an American public school education!

    naw, that’s not it. dang it.

    ooooh oooh oooh! I remember now: dyslexia! that’s it!

    RhodesTer – go back and CAREFULLY re-read all the comments. I bet you can find your error…

    (You might need to start vetting you readers a little more carefully, Son: this one is a bit touchy…)
    .-= Doc´s last brainfart .. Vatican Vetts WNBTv’s Film Picks! =-.

  10. See what I miss by not stopping in every day? Good thing I haven’t been anywhere besides the local store. Even a better thing that I don’t own a SatNav.

    Sounds like a good title for a post: “I never got lost until I owned a SatNav”.

    So when I finally make it to Ireland I’ll just do things the old fashioned way. Find my way around by the seat of my pants and ask for the occasional directions like:

    “I’m looking for this cantankerous old fart who lives up in the mountains of Wicklow county. He’s got this blog named “Head Mumbles” or something like that…ya’ seen ’em?

    Who needs SatNav? 😉
    .-= Kirk M´s last brainfart .. Writing something about writing something. =-.

  11. Hangar – I’m just hoping RTE were there filming the whole thing. It would have been a great chance for some blackmail?  Certainly, I would have left them there.  Their mummified bodies would have made an interesting exhibit in the Natural History Museum.

  12. Kirk M – I dunno how I missed your last post [not this last post, the last post before that].  When you come to Ireland, all you have to do is buy a map.  Ireland is well served for maps and they are rarely more than fifty years out of date.  Either that, or phone me and I’ll collect you.  We do have cars here.  What were you cantankerous about, or was it just a normal Thursday cantankerousness?

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