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  1. so let me see. you are advertising something here, can’t put my finger on it. galway? your blog? K8’s blog? blog awards? herself indoors? birth? i’m sure you will let me know. interesting how many times women are mentioned in your post.
    .-= kerryview´s last brainfart .. A Death in Haiti =-.

  2. You’re in a funny mood, Kerryview?  I take it you are pissed because Tralee wasn’t chosen?  Or would you prefer Castlegregory?  [actually, that’s not a bad idea…]

  3. Bloody women. Always going on about how they can multitask and men can’t etc etc ad nauseum.

    If women are so clever how come it STILL takes them approximately 9 months to bake a babby?

    Its been 9 months for EVER. When are they going to get a grip on this outdated system?

  4. Cap’n – Be fair now.  Women aren’t all that bad?  After all, who else would wash our kacks and socks, and do the washing up?  They are also handy for fetching in the coal and even a spot of rumpy pumpy from time to time?  I agree though that if men did the baby thing we would have automated it by now.

  5. True, true. They should leave the engineering to us. If you marry a fine strapping lass you are never short of someone to lift a sick calf over a fence in the rain so you aren’t always getting wet.

    And if you exercise them and give them a half a guinness (sent through to the Ladies Lounge obviously) its amazing what they can do.

    Get the training right and you”d never need a car jack again.

  6. i would plump for the green room in the maharees or freddies in caherdaniel. but who would want a load of opinionated smart alecky foul mouthed gobdaw bloggers down here?
    the place is full of them already. and not all of them blog. or read this crap.
    slainte maith
    .-= kerryview´s last brainfart .. A Death in Haiti =-.

  7. Freddies sounds grand to me.  We can ban the opinionated smart alecky foul mouthed gobdaw bloggers, so that leaves just the two of us.  I’ll get the first round.

  8. Thanks ever so much GD you have truly made my fucking day. I was rolling on the floor. My ribs are still aching. Never laughed so much in years.Why? you may ask. I will tell you. I just scrolled through the list of best blog catagories to pick one to nominate you for. Best popculture? Hardly. Youth? I think not. Fashion? Snicker. (Seen your tux.) Sport and Recreation? Guffawing by now. Technology? Gotta be kidding. Pissing myself at this point. You can imagine, bythe time I got to Arts and Culture it was all over for me. Arts and Culture fuckin’ Nora help me up off the floor.
    Here’s an idea. The Other Fellow is looking for something to do. Get him to nominate you. In fact you could nominate each other.

  9. I nominated the oul’ beggar in the Best Personal Blog category.

    I had to come up with a reason for nominating him and the first three were rejected as blasphemous under Irish law so in the end I had to just say that for those of us who don’t have our grandfathers anymore such as myself Head Rambles is a gentle reminder of what we’ve lost.

    Slight eccentricities, no patience at all with the world anymore and not afraid to say so. Yer man Grandad is a kind of adoptive digital crumbly that would annoy the hell out of you but you’d miss all the same 😉

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