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  1. yeah…you would’ve thought the whole ‘driving up a mountain in a snowstorm’ bit would prompt folks to doubt the aul satnav…genuinely thought it was a joke first…

  2. There have been lots of cases of articulated lorries getting stuck in farmyards and cars nearly driving off cliffs, but that is [almost] understandable.  But when the country is grinding to a halt because of snow, any fucking idiot can work out that back roads/mountains are not the way to go.

    The Gardai should have left them there.

  3. I think this is a great idea.
    Although, I’d imagine the guys accompanying the drivers for their tests wouldn’t be too impressed…

  4. I got a GPS for Xmas. “Magellan,” I think. No use to me as I never go anywhere. I wish they had been invented many moons ago, though. I can think of when it would have come in real handy.

  5. TT – They are great fun.  You’ll find a use for it!!  Just think before following all instruction though??

  6. Ahhhh, a conspiracy theory ? You should check out Jesse Ventura’s TV series. It’s on truTV. Right up your alley.

  7. A friend in Scotland lives at the end of a boreen that leads to a field behind his house – drivers following SatNav instructions actually drive into the field and are indignant at being told it is the wrong way.

  8. TT – I don’t go for conspiracy theories.  They are all a conspiracy to divert us from the truth.

    Ian – I rest my case.  People are idiots.

    K8 – I wondered why there was an antler in that ‘lamb’ you served the other night.

  9. Perhaps a simple command from the satnav: Catch yourself on and go home. If they follow blindly they’d end up back where they started and save the rest of us some trouble.

    But more importantly, have been here

    I think you’d like it.

  10. Blackwatertown – Have you been bugging my house again?

    Geri – You drive off cliffs?  Maybe you need a SatNav?  Heh!

  11. talking about idiots, on the radio here today they has some farmer from gloucestershire talking about milk supplies being lost due to road conditions and trucks not being able to deliver etc

    Farmer l”I had to pour down the drain (insert howerver many hundred gizillion litres here) today, it brought a tear to my eye just thinking about the waste!”…..

    DJ “sure there is no point in crying over spilt milk is there?” ……

    Farmer “eh?”

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