Shooting foxes — 13 Comments

  1. Lovely picture Grandad. Raynard looks a bit constipated. Maybe you should dose him with something to settle his stomach..
    Happy New Year Grandad

  2. You know my attitude to animals – I could never harm them.  Humans are a different kettle of fish….

  3. There was a fox up on our garden wall last night – and it’s six feet high! No idea what they’re on, but they seem able to fly.

  4. Mick – Your garden actually looks colder than mine?  I’m impressed.

    Ian – Red Bull?

  5. Aww . .youre lucky, they fetch $2 per tail here the feral perils. I have them too but speedy little buggas, very hard to get on camera. I know they’re about because the dog goes ballistic.

  6. Reynard is quite tame, and is not particulary phased when I stare at him through the window.  He just has a knack of wandering off as soon as I have the camera fired up.

    It’s 11.13pm here, and Sandy is lying at the window waiting and watching for him to turn up.  He usually doesn’t appear ’til around midnight though.  I haven’t the heart to tell her.

  7. Cautious looking fellow, eh? a hell of a lot more so than the one that I photographed six times one night when I was a night security guard in a Shannon office building. I went outside the front entrance for a smoke and along it came, bold as brass. Wasn’t afraid of me at all! So much that it followed me back into reception for a bit of a sniff round. I was able to get the company’s digital camera from the desk drawer and got off six fantastic close up pics. There was also a half eaten bag of crisps on the desk which it gratefully accepted from me as a reward for its stellar posing. That’s one night I’ll never forget.
    If you want to send me an e-mail I can forward the photos to you. Magnifcent animals. Beautiful too.

  8. InisEanna – Indeed he was very timid.  I presume he knew there was a dog in the house so was very jumpy.  I had to wait quite a while for him to venture close enough to the house to trigger the outside light.  I then had a couple of micro0seconds to photograph him before the dog started flinging herself against the glass doors.  It’s a miracle I captured him at all.

    Incidentally, I can always be contacted at grandad@ the domain above.

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