Out of the mouth of babes — 8 Comments

  1. From the English language, RhodesTer.  But you Americans wouldn’t know about that?

    And Puppychild was on her fifth or sixth at that stage, as far as I remember….

  2. ahh happy new year granddad hope all goes well for you and the family in 2010. I love the photo of puppy child its so cute. I also managed to get a copy of headrambles the book as a xmas gift and im loving every page of it. I espcially love the tips on drinking your first guinness. that page will come in very happy for my cousins they are irish americans and they havent tried to the stuff yet. So the tips that you gave in the book well come in very handy.
    .-= Vicky Rogers´s last brainfart .. calm down stressarella =-.

  3. And a Happy New Year to you too Vicky.  Puppychild is a bit of a pet all right, and very funny when she is arseholes drunk.  Glad you like the book.

    [*thinks – that’s 5 sold.  Yippee”]

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