How to earn Brownie Points — 16 Comments

  1. aww that was a nice thing to do. my mum gets like that when she does not have her ciggies as well. Mind you shes off them now. Well your certainly a saint for going out in the freezing cold to that for herself. I had to do the same thing yesterday i had to collect a prescription and to say the least i wont be going out again. Now heres a question for you is guinness a good pain relief? I hope it is.
    .-= Vicky Rogers´s last brainfart .. calm down stressarella =-.

  2. Vicky – She just doesn’t appreciate me.  I have learned to live with the sad fact.

    Guinness?  Who cares?   Drink it anyway and you’ll soon forget the pain.

    Jinnikybooky – A urine test??  What for?  Are you taking the piss?

  3. Aw, c’mon now, Ian!  The only pleasures I have left in live are my pipe, my Guinness, my hunting, my wimmin, the odd toke and playing with the dog.  You wouldn’t deny me my simple pleasure now, would you?

  4. You are on the road to sainthood. Himself will do the same for me when the vodka gets below 3 gallons, and the snuff silo is low.
    .-= Brighid´s last brainfart .. FUR FLYING =-.

  5. Brighid – Apparently I have to have a urine test first.  Himself sounds like a real treasure too?  I think we would get on well…..

  6. Someday Herself will learn to read and then you will need the Doc for more than a consultation. (How is the vet in the village?) Phlegm in the Fire played at our wedding.

  7. TT – You are quite good at arguing too?

    Sixty – Of course she can read!  I just have this site blocked off her laptop [I’m not stupid!].  Doc doubles up as the vet.  He says we are all basically the same under the skin, though I wish he’d stop trying to treat me for Hard Pad.

  8. TT – You’re always right [except when you’re wrong, which is most of the time].  It is nice to know though that there is one person on earth who disagrees with me.

  9. I’m shipping Himself over to you. I’ve given him a map and pinned a large sign on him that says “American Tourist”. Thanks for your help in this matter.
    .-= Brighid´s last brainfart .. FUR FLYING =-.

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