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  1. Only for the roads up your way were probably impassable I initially thought you might have made it to Longford at some stage.
    .-= robert´s last brainfart .. Synergy =-.

  2. No.  I am fairly sure I was nowhere near Longford.  I have just discovered an empty jerry-can in the back of the car though, however that got there?

  3. You could be right.  That doesn’t explain why it is empty though?  Unless I am just getting absent minded…..

  4. It’s St. Stephens Day/Boxing Day. Gotta do it all over God help me.
    Amazing isn’t it all that shite they put us through at airports and a guy named Mullallad walks on a plane with a bomb down his pants. What a fuckin’ joke. Now they will make us take our pants off as well as our shoes.

  5. You would have to take your trousers off here before being able to take off your pants 😉

    The airport security thing is a joke. I had to take off my jacket and shoes one day in Heathrow only for Moslem women with the black veils to be allowed through without delay.

  6. it sounds like all the fun was at headrambles manor for the last day or so. I was a bit worried when i didnt get my daily dose of headrambles fun. hee hee it sounds like you had a great xmas and good for you
    .-= Vicky Rogers´s last brainfart .. calm down stressarella =-.

  7. I wasn’t with you but I’ve seen the pictures. Why were you pissing in the Guinness? Were you trying to turn it into Murphy’s?

  8. Nottwitter – There is only one reason for me to piss in Guinness – that’s when it belongs to someone I dislike.  Or maybe I was trying to add strength to a Budweiser?

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