A wild goose chase — 12 Comments

  1. I think we are OK for Christmas dinner tomorrow.  I was on the way down to buy beans when I found a fox at the side of the road.  I think he was run over by a lorry.  Does anyone know how to cook flattened fox?

  2. Here in China for Christmas dinner I’ll have sweet and sour fish and some other unmentionable delicacies in a downtown restaurant. And I won’t send you a picture.

  3. Haha . . just catching up after the pre Christmas flurry. Fun post. I’ve never cooked a goose but I don’t think it would fit in my oven. The leg of ham was hard enough! Cheers 🙂

  4. Well – we ate.  I’m not sure what we ate, as it was mixed with copious quantities of whiskey, but who cares?  I’m still alive.  I think……..

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