The Office Party — 10 Comments

  1. I had my staff Christmas lunch yesterday – I sat on a bench  in Stephen’s Green and watched the ducks while eating tuna baguette 🙁

  2. Death to the cubicle-based sedimentary lifestyle. I’m thinking of becoming a farmer, just so I never have to deal with any of that office bullshit

  3. Ian – Ducks are much better company than Bimbos or Bosses.  Much more intelligent too.

    Dankoozy – A nice idea but you must be prepared to get up at four in the morning and not get to bed for a further twenty four hours.  Alternatively, you could just live off the farming subsidies?

  4. There’s always a wheezy Pat (Irish market) or Lynne (UK market) with every ailment under the sun from alopecia to Woolaroo disease worrying about everything as well. It would be worth banning offices worldwide to rid ourselves of this phenomena whose only purpose in life is to sit next to people at Xmas parties and download their entire NHS treatment record for the year. With photos.

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