Come into my parlour — 23 Comments

  1. I heard he did visit the house. Has anyone heard if he left? Where was his next stop, a landfill or swamp?

  2. What about Dana? Statistics show that she is increasingly likely to turn up at ordinary people’s houses demanding cups of tea and making you watch a video of her triumph in Eurovision.

    She’s had the film colorised. Frankly I’m terrified.

  3. Robert – So you fucking should be.

    Cap’n – She comes under the category of religious freak, and also I don’t like her.  Dead meat.

  4. if I see grandad coming up the avenue, would it be worth both barrels? before he opens his mouth? I must cogitate

  5. Popeye – Good thinking.  Is that from your own experience?

    The CIA – Fuck off.  Idiotic pricks.

    Kerryview – If you see Grandad coming up the avenue it’s because you invited him.  And if you do cogitate, I’ll have to report you to the bishop [and you will probably be relocated to Donegal].

  6. “Anyone from the Green Party”
    .”Priests or any other allied forms of clergy”

    He already covered what your thinking of tt

  7. TT – Scientists [excluding Christian Scientists] are always welcome.  I enjoy an argument and a laugh.

  8. I have to say i agree with this new rule of how you say getting rid of robbers that may enter your property. Unforturnly a few years back i was robbed and my poor mum nearly got mugged in her own home. So i would welcome this new thing of taken force if a robber comes into your home. Now shep has dug a few holes in the garden just iin case something kicks off. hee hee hee now rubbing hands together and laughing away with my evil laugh. I have to say i love your blog its one of the many highlights of my day.

  9. I’m an American that wears green and loves to party, so should I bring a bulletproof vest?   Or, are you back to using bow and arrows?  🙂

  10. Ian – You rarely do.  Do you?

    Vicky – My advice is never to bury bodies in the back garden.  It can be a bit tricky explaining the smell to the neighbours after a warm summer.  Landfill is much better.  And thanks for that last line.  It made my day.

    JD – Bring the vest.  Just in case. Bows and arrows are for when I’m in a sporty mood, and I’m not in those much these days.

  11. There is a very quiet rumor making the rounds that THE Sharon(Sharon Ni Bheolain) is immigrating to America to teach us Irish. 

  12. Hey Grandad- don’t worry about the CIA. They were set up out of the remnants of WWII OSS by Executive Order which has never been ratified by Congress.

    Which technically makes it the worlds largest illegal organisation with car-parking spaces. One of ’em tried to tell me he was a history teacher when I bumped into him in a small Latin American republic.

    Chinos. Military haircut. Nice shiny four-by-four he was driving in a shitkicker border town. Might as well have had a tee-shirt with ‘I’m From Langley and I’m Here To Help You’ on it.

    Stupid fucker. Then again we are talking about an organisation which proposed dropping paras behind enemy lines in Norway in WWII to help disrupt the enemy supply routes etc. It was only when they were issued with Arctic camouflage gear that the two black guys in the unit thought they should mention an obvious problem . …. 

  13. Brighid – She never said anything to me about it?

    Maxi – I’m prepared.

    Cap’n – I’m not worried about the CIA.  They have been reading my outpourings since the Dubya days.  They keep commenting that they are watching me/monitoring me/bugging me but I just ignore them.  Shower of tossers.

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