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  1. If the Guards dressed up in red jackets and hunted on horseback, they might catch a few more people.

  2. If they got off their arses and stopped swanning around in their squad cars they might catch a few more people.

  3. I classify tourists as vermin and advocate an open season and no bag limits. Venison on the other hands tastes great.

  4. Jim C – What are you on about?  There has always been an open season on tourists here.  Not sure about the venison bit though…..

    AnFearBui – You old buck, you.

    Sixty – Chuck is a great supporter of I.T.S.A. [the Irish Tourist Shooting Association].  He made that lovely gesture because he knew we were running low on meat.

    Mick – Those yokes are good but they are somewhat unsporting.  I use them around the Manor all right, but not for hunting.

  5. Lasso?  Good God no.  Rifles, machine guns, Semtex, you name it – so long as it makes a good bang.

  6. TT – Hah!  One of the most prolific writers in my feed reader!!  I have been a follower for a while.

  7. Tourists!
    Pain in the arse around my neck of the way.
    In the summer months I can’t get a pint of milk and a loaf of bread for love nor fucking money, when the great unwashed descend upon my town for the festival season.
    During the height of this year’s infestation of soap dodging dickwads I was forced to halt my vehicle in the main street, yet again, due to a couple of ‘hey nonny nonnies’ dawdling around in the road.
    ‘Oi!’, I shouted through the open window ‘I’ll make a deal with you. If you pair of nit ridden knob heads promise not to wander around in the  road while I’m trying to go about my normal everyday business, then I’ll promise not to drive on the fucking pavement!”
    “Whhaatever” came the reply.
    “What-fucking-ever yerself!, says I, “Now fuck off”
    Luckily for them I was in quite a civil mood because, earlier that day, I had managed to secure 2 pints of semi and a Warburton’s Toastie.
    .-= G.O.T.´s last brainfart .. Anyone Seen Phil Jones? +++Update+++ =-.

  8. G.O.T. – If tourists concern you, might I suggest you read back on some of my previous posts?  I give some rather useful tips on their eradication and disposal.
    TT – To whom are you addressing that?  I just want to know if I’m Grumpy or the Old Fart.

  9. Tourists can be sent to this little corner of  N. Calif.  They are a pain, but they occassionally spend more than their worth.  Maybe we could have a tweek’er sighting festival.  There is already a tits for tats business district in place.
    Love deer jerky, and deer steaks, and hunting with my da.

  10. Brighid – Are you trying to deprive us of our legitimate sport?  When you say you love hunting with your da, do you mean deer or tourists?  Be very fucking careful how you answer.

  11. Cap’n – Yech!  The very idea of downing Bert and Marylou from Pennsylvania with my teeth is disgusting.

  12. I have to say that i am so glad they are banning deer hunting. But i still hear word that the official yearly moorhouse hunt is doing the rounds very soon.  but aside from that. i think hunting is a bit wrong and to hunt deer well that is just bad. i thought if anything a deer could just charge at you with those atlers they have on their heads.

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