Computer running out of ink — 19 Comments

  1. Just pour it into the little 3.5mm socket where you would normally put the head phones. That should do the trick!

  2. Robert – That’s no good.  There isn’t a cap on it, so the ink will just spill all over the place.

  3. A little known fact. Creative writing does not require ink, it requires alcohol. Look at all the famous writers, like Hemingway. He drank, a lot.  Given your tab at the local pub your laptop should be good for several more years. Still just to be safe, you better go refill it.

  4. don’t use parker black. mont blanc is the preferred ink. however, I suspect your eyes may be the problem. in which case ignore the ink. try dictating. don’t forget, in a thousand years no one will give a shit what letters were not on your (or my) laptop. maybe even a shorter time. if you can’t read this I will understand.

  5. Jim C – Little known fact?  Haven’t I been emulating my hero Mr Behan for the last sixty years?  I think even he had to use a drop of ink from time to time, though I think he did prefer Guinness.

    Kerryview – I will have you know that every evening my writings are archived for posterity.  You may not appreciate me now, but in a thousand years time my writings will be up there with Plato.  I shall at last find true recognition as one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived.

  6. I see your problem. Most folks who hadn’t spent the best part of 30 years in computers would have noticed, no fault to them of course but to me it’s obvious…
    You bought real ink.
    Yes, Parker black is a well respected, quality ink but I doubt your laptop would appreciate it. You need to get yourself some virtual ink.
    I cook my own virtual ink up in batches which I store in the cellar to keep it nice and cool. It lasts just about forever that way in raw form. Cheaper too. I eventually write the ink to a CD when I need to replenish my old desktop’s ink supply. That’s the “inkwell” by the way–the optical drive.
    If you’d like I could send you a few replenishment CD’s worth or perhaps I could just send my recipe if your prefer. Does stink up the kitchen a bit when you’re cooking up a batch (smells amazingly similar to an ancient, unwashed dog), I just thought I warn you about that.
    .-= Kirk M´s last brainfart .. One of those weeks =-.

  7. Kirk M – I knew there would be someone out there who would be able to help.  If you could send the recipe, that would be great.  Don’t worry about the smell, as our house always pongs of ancient unwashed dog [I’m not sure whether it’s Sandy or Herself].  Incidentally, I found a folder called Desktop where there are a lot of names ending in .Ink.  Are these the ink supplies?  A desktop seems a logical place?

  8. Ah, no. Those are related to something else entirely despite what they might seem. Best leave them be. Confusing though isn’t it?

  9. And what about the pages to write on?  You must be running out of them as well.  where do you feed the paper refills into a laptop?

  10. Pour it on the keys.  It’ll soak right in and appear on (your fingers) the screen!  🙂

  11. Kirk M – I removed those .Ink files anyway, as they were probably nearly empty.  I was going to tidy my screen too, but something seems to have happened to all my programmes.

    Ian – I did wonder about that too.  And what happens to the contents of my Recycle Bin?  Maybe the computer recycles old pages?  Clever….

    JD – Don’t be daft.  Herself gave her machine a drink of tea and it cost me a fortune to get it fixed.  I’m not going to fall for that one again.

  12. Hey! really, you know you’re about to have to chuck the thing, don’t you? you know the microsoft gremlins planned that you only get so much use out of their products, then you have to go buy another fresh one.

  13. Prin – Now you’re confusing me.  Microsoft make software [that doesn’t work very well], don’t they?  So you are saying the ink is in the software and not the computer?  Damn!  That means I have to go looking for an inkwell in Notepad.

  14. I don’t know much about computers so can’t help you there but seeing as it seems you don’t need that Parker black and I’ve just started using a fountain pen again could I negotiate a 2nd hand price with you?

  15. Not Twitter – I am terribly sorry, but after Kirk M said it wouldn’t work, I drank it.  Not as nice as Guinness though, as it lacked a head.

  16. Grandad, what time zone are you on there up in the mountains? Is it an hour ahead or are you just trying to gain some sort of advantage on us?

  17. Not Twitter – The same time zone I have been in all year.  I don’t believe in all this shite about moving time around.  You’ll come around to my way of thinking in a few months time.

    Cap’n – That’s worse than pouring tea over it?

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