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  1. I always knew it was a load of bollocks anyway.  Global warming/climate change, whatever you want to call it is a business.
    From global summits to your green bin, we’ll never stop it at this stage.

  2. Maxi – What we need is some world renowned scientist to step up to the mark with irrefutable proof that climate change has fuck all to do with human intervention.  I await the day…..

    Chris P – It will no be so wet though, provided it doesn’t rain between the showers.

  3. I have no doubt the globe is warming. I know it is. I have grave concerns about carbon trading and the political diversion it’s presenting. We need to reduce consumption, overpopulation, water distribution, explore alternative energy solutions and relieve third world debt. All this posturing in Copenhagen makes me sick and is designed to preserve the consumerist values of the west whilst leaving the Third World in the shit. Australia sent 90 (NINETY) people to this farce.

  4. I dont know about anyone else but i dont believe much out of our new priesthood of scientists these day’s all they do is push scare stories swine flu / global warming / bird flu while looking for government hand outs in the form of grants they are no longer trustworthy imho but thankfully more and more of the general public are getting skeptical.
    So you don’t imho really need scientists to step up to the mark with “irrefutable” proof just look at a history book which will always triumph what some nuttier is saying is “unppreciated” and you have your proof use your own common scene and follow the massive bandwagon of carbon traded money, Just a few days ago the yanks declared co2 a pollution the very thing you breath out and plants use for food is now a polluted capable of being regulated/tax’ed by big daddy government coupled to the new surge in “population control” (neatly side stepping the fact most western country populations are declining on their own which happens naturally it seems when a country gets rich so if you really want to curb population growth just make people richer not tax them/limit their growth)  lunatics its all getting very scary its so insane its amazing anyone still believe’s  ..

    But if you want you can search on you tubes for Ian Plimer / lord monckton people lke that they give very good speeches on these issues unlike the global warming lunatic crowd they dont resort to attacks on the person or  declaring every one on the planet agree’s with them and you should you know shut your mouth and instead use (and this is a shocker) data to back up their point’s

  5. imho theres no such thing as “over population” most of the issue’s in the world are caused by god awful management by goverments such as in zimbabwe or the looming energy “crisis” in america besides the more humans the better more chance of the guy who cures cancer being born humans are the ultimate resource v0v

  6. Baino – There is some debate [amongst real scientists] whether the long term trend is up or down.  Short term, it is apparently going up.  But then it has been changing for the last 5,000,000,000 years, so nothing new there then.  I agree about recycling and alternative energy and all that.  it’s the fuckers who constantly whinge about ‘greenhouse emissions’ and CO2 that get on my wick.

    D – Don’t start me on ‘scientists’ and their scare tactics.  My pet one [you may be surprised to learn] is the passive smoking, for which there is no proven harm, yet look at the damage that has been caused there?  Classic example – Heart attacks decline by 6% in Wales after smoking ban introduced.  Startling?  Not when you realise that they had been declining by 6% each year before the ban as well!!

  7. Hopefully she will go and check out what he says and break away from her quite clearly blind faith ….but i doubt it

  8. Having largely lost the argument about a scientific consensus on the issue — the consensus is too solid to dismiss any longer — conspiracy theorists now argue that the consensus itself is a fraud.
    “At worst its junk science and it’s part of a massive international scientific fraud,” as U.S. Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., claims. Sensenbrenner is former chairman of both the House Science Committee and the House Judiciary Committee, and is now the ranking Republican member on the House Select Committee for Energy Independence and Global Warming.
    Of course, the narrative pushed by Sensenbrenner and others would require you to believe that smart people all over the world — most of whom who have wanted to be scientists all their lives and have worked hard to achieve that goal — have somehow gotten together to collude in this giant fraud. Depending on the day and the skeptic/theorist, the researchers were motivated to join that conspiracy by a lust for government research grants — although private industry would pay more for the opposite conclusion — or by some secret desire to promote socialism or even one-world government.
    Since the late ’70s, as the story goes, scientists in the United States, Britain, Japan, Canada, France, Korea and many other nations have been perpetrating this silent fraud, and as young scientists emerged from universities they too have been secretly initiated into the priesthood. It’s a story right out of the books of Dan Brown, requiring the skills of a Robert Langdon to unravel.
    Either that, or global warming is real.

    (Part of an Jay Bookman opinion, tt)

  9. TT – “lost the argument about a scientific consensus on the issue“??  Really?  I think there is widespread acknowledgment that there is a major question mark over consensus.  There are many things in life that I accept because they have been proven by science.  What strikes me about the AGW debate is that people talk about ‘consensus’, but not ‘proof’.  A theory like this cannot and must not be decided by committee.  It is too big and too serious.  It must stand or fall on incontrovertible, and reproducible proof.

  10. GD. Will you please quit being so fucking stupid about climate change. I beg you, with all respect. Go talk to an actual climatologist. Any one in Ireland. Then get back to us. REALLY. Do it.Just because you are no longer allowed to smoke in pubs?  It’s irrational and petty. Golden rule. Never potificate abouit shit you know fuck all about. Talk to the experts. Go with Gallileo rather than the Pope. No offence.

  11. TT – You seem to be firmly convinced?  Maybe if you pass on the evidence on which you base your convictions I may be convinced too?

    The only reason I mentioned smoking is that the world is now firmly convinced that environmental tobacco smoke is a lethal danger, yet it has been proven time and time again that there is no evidence of any danger whatsoever.  It is a ‘religion’ that has grown around falsified reports, junk science and wild unsubstantiated claims.  How do we know that the same isn’t happening over AGW?

    Typical argument there tt nice little bit of name calling and random appeals to the hive mind.

    On the other hand heres a nice article for the open minded…Here’s the “to long didnt read version”  Computer models predicted the heat emitted into space would be reduced by 3 watts per square meter you know because of that nasty trace gas that makes up 0.03% of the atmosphere and was much higher in the past?  ….But as observed by a  satellite over 16 year’s  it by 4 watts! The computer models are wrong your faith is wrong  

    At the end of the day TT need not read that though as apart from myself and grandad those people are the only other people in the world !who dont beleave the faith..oh and at lest these 160 scientists …. and the majority of at the english and at lest 50% of the american populations …. and 100 scientists who sent a letter to the un in 2007 and etc etc etc etc etc but apart from at lest all those people every one else agree’s so sleep tight young eco warrior you will save the world from its non existent problem some day and all it will take is taxing every one and keeping the poor in their place.

  13. Sorry about the tone last night. 7 pints of the black stuff and a couple of Bushmills.  If you are waiting for definitive proof before you accept the reality then you will wait for ever. It isn’t something you can prove in a lab experiment. You have to go with what is known. The polar ice cap has been around for millions of years. Recently 40% is gone and in 30? years it will all be gone. Climate change just doesn’t happen that fast naturally. As for arguing with the conspiracy theorists of the world. What’s the point? They will never be convinced. 100 scientists? Phewey! Thousands of climatologists working independantly all over the world have reached the same conclusion. It’s happening and its man made.

  14. Are you saying now that the “settled science” of climate change which 100’s of billions of scientists believe in can not be proved and we just sorta have to have faith? well lest its an honest reflection of your position on it if nothing else.

    As for the ice cap ya its been down to a record low (of a 30 year record which as you point out isnt even a drop in the ocean to how old the damn thing is so really do we even know what is “normal” for it?) in 2007 however it grew back to “normal” or near normal in 2008 and now its droping down less than “normal” its almost a cycle how ever the antarctic by all accounts is gaining ice ” A paper to be published soon by the British Antarctic Survey in the journal Geophysical Research Letters is expected to confirm that over the past 30 years, the area of sea ice around the continent has expanded.”

    As for your “Change doesnt happen this rapidly!!!!!” crap well thats apperently not true either.  ” The time span of the past few million years has been punctuated by many rapid climate transitions, most of them on time scales of centuries to decades or even less. The most detailed information is available for the Younger Dryas-to-Holocene stepwise change around 11,500 years ago, which seems to have occurred over a few decades.

    Thats a horrible long report though so in all honesty i didn’t read it all yet but iv gone to the effort of finding proof to back up my points….As for your last “lol 100 scientists” its an indication that your beloved consensus of all the scientists in the world exist only in your head and the UN totaly trustworthy reports. btw i have a really good bet on man united winning a European super league title in 30 year’s time you want in ? seeming that your able to pluck predictions out of the air with out any need (or way) to prove it i might as well get in on the action and make some money.

  16. TT – Don’t worry about the tone.  I feel that way myself sometimes,  Heh!

    Sorry about the mess with the links.  I have added the facility in the edit area to edit and add links, which should make things a bit simpler?  I hope?

    I think the page that sums up a lot of my concerns is here.

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    This is the shit that comes up after spending 5 minutes typing. Fuckin’ smartass cunt whoever he is.

  18. GD – thats Christopher moncktons site the mans a legend <- another nice article showing warming isnt anything out of the ordinary

    TT – it says he got 10,000 for writeing a book in the 90's and some money for speecehs much like al gore gets 2500 a person for shakeing some hands got a nobal prize (lawd) for a film has written at lest 1 book on the subject and has invested in any number of companys that will benefit greatly from cap and trade *sigh* money money money the CRU at the heart of climategate made over 25 million in grants from the government and its been said by researchers in the climate field you will not get research grant now unless you tow the global warming = man made line the government is by far the biggest contributor to science so if a politician would like you to push a issue its not beyond the relms of possibility you will do it for your pay check…I don’t think you really want to play the gravy train card both sides can play that quite well and at the end its mostly he said she said crap.

    All the same it seems no matter what is said you wont even consider it  just repeat the chant “consensus” and “big oil” so im wasting my time think im going to go back to laughing at the Copenhagen summit thats trying to save us all by flying and driving around in more than 1500 limos and private jet’s while getting free hookers then telling us we need to stop eating meat flying  haveing ice in our water and swallow more tax’s…It will be hard saving the world after all (for some).

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