Letter to Biffo — 10 Comments

  1. yeah well done biffo now i am thinking to make my already tight budget go far and these cuts have not helped. god i might have to move abroad if this is the case.

  2. Vicky – That’s the whole idea.  If you are not a banker or a builder, then fuck off.  We don’t want you.  That especially applies to the unemployed and the disabled.

  3. Also please extend my added congratulations to BIFFO’S  mates  IBEC  (Irish Bastards for Economic Contraction) for the huge engineered swell of media support in past week that helped him ram through the fuget.

  4. King’s Bard – They morally lost that mandate in the local elections and in every opinion poll since.  They know they don’t have a mandate, but haven’t the moral courage to stand down.  Power is more important than morals.

    Baino – Loads of reading matter for you!

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