Do not drink the water — 15 Comments

  1. The same here in the UK, Grandad. They are mad keen on water meters, not so that people can monitor what water they use but so they have a method by which they can charge tax on it eventually.

    Thats the whole point of measuring how much water a household uses. I wonder whether they’ll be charging Guinness a lot for hosing down the lorries? Not on your nellie. It’ll be hammer the householder and let those with political pull off the tax on grounds of ‘competitiveness’.

    The Saudis built desalination plants to convert sea water to fresh water and they are now a major wheat exporter. The Irish Government appear not to notice that Ireland isn’t a desert country and is surrounded, if not awash in the stuff.

    There’s no justification for water metering in Ireland beyond a move towards taxing it.

  2. Cap’n – I had to laugh at the “conserving water” shit.  In the budget they had to put €70m aside for flood relief with more to come, as half the country has been under water for weeks.  If they want to conserve water they should fix their fucking pipes.  Something like 70% of all water leaks away before it gets to the houses.  It is just another stealth tax.

  3. Was mentioned in the Dáil yesterday that around 40% of the water that flows through the countries water mains is wasted through leaks and broken pipes.
    Of course it would be too much bloody common sense to sort that out. But I suppose there’s no revenue stream in that. Pardon the pun.

  4. The Revenue Commissioners won’t be long in deciding that water leaked onto your property is a benefit in kind- a sort of unofficial swimming pool. Hey presto! A new swimming pool tax!

  5. Robert – And this is the same Dáil that tells us the recession is over and we can all be happy happy happy again?  I have heard that the figure is much higher but then we have to put the optimistic spin on it, don’t we?

  6. This goverment is gone beyond a joke. Would you actaully mind if i joined in on the head kicking of gormless gormely. I thin that this goverment much not have anything else to do but make other peoples life miserable and hes doing a great job of making everyone else miserable with this so called brillant budget not. Some how i dont think i will be having xmas here in my house for some reason.

  7. Vicky – Feel free.  While you are booting Gormless, I’ll take on The Grinner Ryan.

    Mick – Do I get a tax break for providing my neighbours’ water supply?

  8. Well ? What happened with the budget ?  After yesterday’s rant I figured you would be all over it today and…….nada.

  9. I hate the green party  so so much how a group of fringe lunatics got into government with only 3% support is beyond me …..speaking of lunatics see the youtube video of the nazi youth type group invadeing lord monckton anti global warming speech ?

  10. D – I used to gave a sort of respect for them.  Now they have just become power-happy, arse-licking mouthpieces for Fianna Fail.  After this, I don’t think we’ll see much more of them.

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