Well, I’m buggered — 35 Comments

  1. Bit late to  head over to the chemists I’m afraid. Ah well, I guess I better bend over and take it like a man as Brian suggests.

  2. Mick – B’day can be Buggery Day?  Brian Day?  Bastard’s Day?  A bidet comes in handy after, too.

    Lafsword – You are one sick puppy.

  3. It’ll be a cold and tedious christmas at the O’Donoghue family home in Cahirciveen. Gone are the limos between Terminals at Heathrow. No more hairdos for the missus at taxpayers expense. Where will John and the Missus find their entertainment at the racetracks of the UK next year?

    Ah lads. Will we have a whip around?

  4. Trust the government to introduce a carbon tax when we need to create job’s (not just make believe “green jobs” but real ones right now) and just when public opinion is swinging so heavily against it in nearly all country’s and scam after scam is being discovered (recent one being the “danish text” in Copenhagen itself) *sigh* it will be year’s till this gets removed and the goverments return to semi sanity

  5. TT – You are an expert in these matters?

    Cap’n – Sod the O’Donoghues.  My heart bleeds custard for them.  To listen to the bastards bleat in the Dail, you’d swear they were looking for handouts.

    D: That was a sop to their little friends, the Greens.  Don’t worry.  In a couple of years, the Greens and all the other tree huggers will be forgotten.

  6. I hope so i was reading an article outlining 26 other scare stories through out history yesterday you be shocked how many times “over population” and the likes have come up over the last 100-150 year’s(and indeed lead to the death/forced sterilization of a lot of people you would think we would learn by now not to blindly beleave those in power at this point but i guess their will always be gullible people

  7. D: I remember back in the early 70s being told for definite that the world’s oil reserves would be gone by 2000.  There was near panic at the time.  And I see ‘Horizon’ on the BBC tonight asks if the world is big enough to hold the population.  Nothing changes…..

  8. Yo Pecker!!  I’m still waiting for you to start your ‘blog’??????  I saw that about our beloved Deirdre.  She has fucked off to the EU in pursuit of better wages, better allowances and a warmer welcome.   It will give her a change to massively increase her eco-flying hours too.  Well, at least the EU has some uses?

  9. Ah, I’ll get ’round to it one of these days, Grandad, I’ve been rushed off my feet with orders for the fridge magnets. Must be all that Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt out there.

    And of course me aul’ pal Ben Dunne has done wonders for business with his new website.
    There’s some great stuff for sale there, I tells ya! 😉

  10. No my arse  is a one way street but you know what they say GD; don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

  11. We have an old saying out here in the Arizona West, “I’ll butt fuck that mountain lion if you’ll hold her head”….Got any mountain lions in Erie that we could hold their heads  for yas…

  12. TT – There are some experiences I would rather leave to others to experiment with, thanks.

    RWG – Are sheep any good?

  13. Booze and Electric cars went down in the budget, are the green party alcoholics ?, you’d never get an electric motor to Newry & back .

    Oh for the record I’d ride Coughlan too!!!!

  14. Yeah, butt fuck a sheep and you’ll sure feel at home, hey, your old and the pussy dont come so easy anymore, Heh ? A Lamb in the bush is better then no Ewe at all….You are a randy fellow….Keep it up, even if its Viagra that gets you there…

  15. Lafsword – If I were controlling Lenihan baccy would have gone down too.
    Oh for the record I am sending you the number of an excellent psychiatrist.

  16. RWG – We all know that farmer’s boots are for putting the sheep’s hind legs into.  Personally I prefer hairdressers and newsreaders.

  17. What are you a Queer Lad or what, hairdressers ?  Is this your comming out statement, got your boots full of sheeps in queer clothing ? Come on, cop to it your queer for newsreaders (Sharon) an who , da Heirdresser…Is he/she attractive ? Buttfuckers of Ireland arise and claim your own, Grandad…..What ta fuck, can anybody ya meet on the streets or on the Web or in a Pub give a rats ass about who me cousin, Stephen Gately was fucking ? If you liked the music dont shoot the messenger, yeah?
    RWG, with wonder

  18. RWG – I mean fucking women hairdressers not the mincey fellas.  There’s a shit hot Yang Wan [Irish for young one] works in the hairdressers in the village I’ve been knocking off chatting up for ages.  And anyway sheep and hairdressers are only for when Sharon is working.

  19. I watch Sharon too, from a distance, I sometimes wonder if she calls out in Irish or às gaeilge in the dark of the night. I prefer Ann Cassin though!!

    Hannifin is still top Doll, she’s my Dail dolly, although Olwynn Enright has a chance if she plays her cards right.

  20. Lafsword – Is “Nnnnnnyyyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaahhhhhhh” Irish or English?  I often wondered.

    Cassin?  Nah!

    As for Hannifin – so you like to be dominated?

  21. Pecker – I only just found you in my spam folder.  What were you doing in there?  Please don’t give me any of that crap about not having time.  You had enough time to deface half of Benndunne, didn’t you?  [Was that you selling the Dáil?]

    Kirk M – Many thanks for the Bag Balm.  It is being handed out around the country along with the flood relief packages.

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