An arresting problem — 6 Comments

  1. He can deputise me, I know a few I’d love to arrest.

    If they do go on strike I’m heading straight for the Bank of Ireland with my shotgun & I’m getting my share of the Nama money back, Bastards.

  2. Lafsword – There is a Catch 22 problem here.  If you are deputised, You have to be a Garda [otherwise you don’t have the powers of arrest] in which case you will promptly have to go on strike?  As for the Bank – join the fucking queue.

    Interesting point about the drivers.  All those poor TDs are going to have to drive themselves [or more likely, hire chauffeurs at vast expense?]

  3. The Guardians of the Peace amongst your former neighbours are still living on that road – though I think they are retired now.  Perhaps they will be mobilized!

  4. Oh Christ now old people will be beaten in their home’s for their pension money while our beloved guardians of the free people (and totaly not glorified tax men harassing the average citizen hell no) garda sit in a heated station house doing nothing………………not much change there then on the plus side no fines for accidental scratching your ass with out a permit or haveing the audacity of haveing a broken light on your car.
    I think they will be quite surprised how little anyone gives a rat’s ass about how much the offical group of thugs get payed for extorting protection money.

  5. Ian – Two retired, and one no longer with us.  I’m sure they would love to be called back!

    D – Old people are beaten in their homes anyway.  I’ll be seeing if I can hit the ton on the Stillorgan Road at Belfield.  🙂

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