For Sharon — 9 Comments

  1.  Your lovely Sharon has a very deep voice, which I don’t find a bit sexy.  Ah well, to each his own.

  2. This is going to be  my thesis on the angle of repose in relation to the homeis Quercus lobata here in Nor Cal.  Who is Sharon? 

  3. Brighid – Surely your thesis would be better studying the angle of repose in relation to the Mechanicus Cranicus?  Who is Sharon?  Sharon is the worlds most beautiful newsreader, and is the only woman in my life [don’t tell Herself that].  I wrote about her once or twice before.

  4. As a native Californicator Irishmen I am not surprised by this minor fuck up.  California as a state of mind is full of fuck-er-up-ers…Thats how we came to define the mindfucking cultural changes that have informed not just the sons and daughters of Erie stranded here in the Golden State but the rest of the planet that wishes they could all be California Girls/Boys.
    With a nod to the Beach Boys, Bono should be grateful for their  lyrical instruction on the art of being, cool, the Beatles Liverpool could not have been cool without their Good Vibrations…So roll over Beetoven, Sharon, give em the news.
    Tis amazing that a tree fell in Santa Rosa, California should evoke a response from a grumpy Irish pundant…Surprised that some mythical Sharon would move the BlackBarb to make note of this non-happening….Delighted to have my sun day so enlightened.  As the Grateful Dead said, “Keep on Trucking”….How do I connect with this Sharon, Gramps ?

  5. Robert – You can connect with her by watching the 6PM [GMT] news on RTE most evenings.  Apart from that, you are own.  You are not getting her phone number.

  6. I didnt want her menstral bloody number , just who ta fuck are you talking about…Hello, we are a half a pond away !

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