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  1. I absolutely despise soccer but despite that I’m disappointed at the result. I’m even more disappointed that all that’s on the radio, T.V and web is that bloody match.
    Twitter is a no go area for the forseeable future as well.

  2. I was hoping the French would win as I really didn’t want to see Ireland qualify under the current economic climate.
    Our fucking Mutant politicians are all talking about the great lift qualification would have given the country, bollox to this I say.
    All that would have happened, was that every “Knuckle Dragger” would’ve spent a fortune on either getting there or on booze “Supportuing the boys in Green” down the pub.
    Never mind their families or the remainder of the economy, all the other shops & businesses that wouldn’t see a customer while the tournament was going on & for months afterwards due to the amount spent on booze.
    The complete bollox that goes on here over shit like this is unbelieveable, that prick Joe Duffy has been having a great time giving mutant cunts with no lives fucking airtime on my licence fee, bastard.

    Henry cheated, so did Keane, Henry got away with it and France go through, if Keane had got away with any of his 4 handballs and had scored, we would all have
    celebrated and said Fuck The French.

    If Keane, Duff, Doyle or O’Shea had scored any of the sitters they missed or if McShane had actually defended the free kick the way he should’ve then there would have been no prob with the handball.

    If our politicians want to give the country a lift then they should sort out the fucking mess we are in as a nation or even just Fuck Off & let someone else try.

  3. Robert – Likewise, I think soccer is the greatest waste of time, unless of course it’s the local kids playing in a field [keeps ’em out of borstal?].  What psiies me the most is the amount of air time devoted to it.  Worse than a religion.

    SAm – Twitter?  Did someone say Twitter?

    Lafsword – Just the point I was making.  If Ireland had qualified, it just would have been a national excuse to skive off work and get pissed [not that there is anything wrong with doing that occasionally?].  And it’s all for what?  Even if they won the damned thing, there would be a load of drunkenness and shouting, but it wouldn’t change any real problems.

  4. I’m voting for Lafsword next election.

    Also, am I wrong to suspect that Biffo only wants a replay so that he can hope for an all-expenses-paid (on the taxpayer) first-class trip to South Africa sometime soon?

    Also, why hasn’t he spoken up and asked for a “Replay” when it comes to education cuts, social welfare cuts, and health cuts? A football team gets his immediate support but his nation’s disadvantaged do not?? Could he please come over our house and explain in person to my disabled son why his Special Needs Assistant won’t be helping him in class anymore?

    I want a replay all right, but it has nothing to do with football. So if anyone needs me I’ll be in the shed, digging out baseball bats.

  5. Susan – Me too.  [He can be my Táiniste]  The problem with Biffo is that the Lisbon crap has gone to his head.  He thinks he can demand a replay any time he likes now.

  6. This in fact was the best result for this country of whingers.  We can claim that ‘We Should Be In South Africa If It Wasn’t For Those Cheating Frenchies”.  It suits our personality – yet another Morale Victory without having to take responsibility for the fact that if we had scored a second goal, Henrie’s handling would be irrelevant.
    God, you know the priorities are arse over tit when sports comes ahead of cuts on the news.  Give me patience.
    Okay, deep breath.

  7. Shane – I was browsing the papers today [on-line] and I see that virtually the full front page of the Indo is devoted to this rubbish.  Squeezed in at the bottom is a mention of the unfortunates who have been flooded out.  They now know their place!

    Kerryview – Sound man yourself.

  8. Lovin’ the blog!
    TheBigYin has just pointed me in your direction from a comment left on my post about this twatting football game.
    Give me fucking strength!
    Good to see there’s another grumpy old bastard out in the blogosphere 😉

  9. Hey G.O.T.!  Welcome.  So TheBigYin has been spreading lies about me again?  I should point out that only 67% of us are “bollock brained, bog trotting, twats”.  The other 5% of us are quite reasonable and intelligent.

    Lafsword – Hah! Didn’t take someone very long?!

  10. I have to say i think there is enough said about this bloody football match. You swear someone was killed the way people are going on about this football match. Its only a football match. i dont follow football myself and i never ever will. Im more of a rugby girl myself.

  11. You all are a hoot! Such fun trying to translate but pretty much,I get it. I think I want a good whack at Biffo’s balls myself. Course that will have to wait till the sea of balls over here have been ‘deflated’,used that particular word so they wouldn’t float your way.Would it be out of the way to ask what you mean by “knuckle draggers”?

  12. Knuckle Dragger:

    Primitive humanoid lifeform of extremely low intelligence.

    Hobbies: Football, drinking lager, football, breeding and football.

    Occupation: See under Hobbies.

    Most likely to say: “We was fuckin’ robbed by that bleedin’ bastard Henry. I’d fuckin’ burst him.”

    Least likely to say: “Football is only a game.”

  13. Hey GD, dare ya to challenge the French to a game of Boules next time ye’re over there – drop kick the blighter, give one of those french shrugs, and ask for your winnings!
    Just for the craic like

  14. Mick – Not a bad idea.  Though I say so myself, I can play a mean game if necessary.  They are also great for throwing at the French.

  15. “They are also great for throwing at the French”

    Now you’re talking.
    C’est magnifique 😉

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