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  1. Do you think so, Brianf? You might be right. Which would you recommend – an Introduction Agency or a Private Detective?


    Herself knows all my little quirks.
    She knows my little passion.
    She doesn’t really mind that much
    If I keep within my ration.

  2. Grannymar and Grandad

    Did you hear about the young kid that went to confession and told the priest that he had stolen lumber?

    The priest gave him a penance of two Hail Marys.

    He came back the next week and again confessed he had stolen lumber.

    The priest gave him two Rosaries for penance.

    The next week the same thing,”Father, I stole lumber”

    The priest is very aggravated by this time and said,”Do you know how to make a novena?”

    “No, Father, but if you have the plans I know where we can get the lumber.”

  3. That’s only a few pictures put up by fans.


    And I’m not giving you its address because you’d only stalk her.

  4. Pathetic, the lot of you! And Grandad, at your age! It’s as needy and sad as me having a mega crush on Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. *Hang, on that’s two crushes to your one* . . bugga – I’m more pathetic than you . . .fwooaaarr!

  5. Robert – No chance.

    Baino – It’s one of the signs of growing old!

    Sneezy – You shouldn’t have included that link. It has a terrible photo of her on it. Mine is much nicer 🙂

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