When is a tree not a tree? — 10 Comments

  1. THANK YOU! Amen.
    They just told the nation’s elderly and disabled children there’d be no Christmas bonus, then they put up this crap and plug it in. I’d *love* to know the bill for the Dail Christmas parties this year, come to think of it. Did they not see any opportunity for a meaningful, Christmas-spirit gesture here? For the country’s newly jobless, newly homeless, and newly Christmasless??

    Oh, no, guess not—that might have required a human soul.

  2. D’you know by far the best thing about living here this time of year is watching the giant trees being trucked past from the forests to the shopping centers or whathaveyou.  Next time I see one of them lads I’m hopping on the back, lopping the top off the tree, then jumping off again at the first set of traffic lights.  €35 per tree my arse.

  3. See now this is why I live in Italy – where the government is even more fucked up and corrupt than Ireland but at least they have the basic human decency not to pretend otherwise. Ireland is being run by (overweight) zombies. Every time I think about it, it makes me want to embark on a murderous rampage! Jesus sorry lads, just had to get that one out. Rant over.
    And breeeeeeeeeeeeeeathe!

  4. K8 – Be careful there.  Most of those lorry drivers ignore traffic lights, so you could end up dragging your tree top for ten miles home.  Anyway there are squillions of ’em growing just up the road from you.  Nip up and grab a dozen for yourself.

  5. If it makes you feel any better, I saw this very same tree being erected at La Defense in Paris at the weekend.
    I totally agree; it’s awful.

  6. We used to give my dad unending grief every year from about the last week in November about erecting the tree… he would refuse till about December 20th… the great man that he is….

  7. They should have a ‘Hand of Thierry’ coming down the side and tapping the lighty balls. That would cheer up passersby.

  8. The Limerick one looks as if it just needs a box of fire-lighters to complete the picture. Actually Limerick looks like it just needs a ….

  9. Wasn’t it great to see the Limerick “tree” committing suicide.
    What a monstrosity!!
    We don’t have Christmas trees here but what a New Year party……

  10. SAm – December 20th?  Good grief!  We didn’t get ours until the 24th.

    Cap’n – Don’t mention him.  You’ll only start off the Knuckle Draggers again.

    Not Twitter – Hah!  Limerick will love you for that one!  😉

    Your Highness – Maybe it was stabbed?

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