Saturday afternoon — 12 Comments

  1. Isn’t it usually a bad sign when the plants are what’s holding your house and everything surrounding it together?

  2. Bad sign of what?  I’m being ecologically friendly.  Sustainable building materials and all that….

  3. Of course the new wall will lead to a new roof, a new chimney…
    I guess someone has to stimulate the economy.

  4. You gave in. I don’t believe it. You should have guessed that all she wanted was a new wall. Or maybe you have a very good life policy which covers death from falling bricks.

  5. Nice move
    a sledge hammer and pick axe to remove the ivy – part of an easy retirement strategy? course she won’t ask you again!

  6. What would we need an extension for?  Are you implying that the coal-hole isn’t big enough for her?

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