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  1. There’s usually a reaction to this kind of thing…. we’re seeing the last wave of a kind of ‘paternalism’  (‘we know whats good for you and we’re going to make it illegal for you to disagree’) which has been sweeping across western society.

    Its disguised nazism really, at the risk of invoking Godwins Law.  Many Americans for example rail on about the dead hand of ‘PC liberalism’ without realising that political correctness is not European- it began as a university based disguised moralising and came from US campuses.

    David Mamet wrote a very good play called ‘Oleanna’ about the dangers of this disguised attempt at government without consequence. Its been televised and I’d watch out for that.

    Every organisation representing a profession which thinks it has the right to tell people how to live (Doctors, Insurance co’s, ‘Elf & Safety etc) has been busy distorting statistics and bending the ear of politicians who are too dumb to question the reports put in front of them.

    The medical profession for example never shuts up about smoking, drinking and obesity and at the same time is notoriously one of the professions with the highest rates of alcohol and drug abuse as well as suicide among its ranks.

    They have no intention of examining the reasons for that- but equally they will happily lecture anybody and everybody else on ‘healthy living’.

    Its no conspiracy- merely a social dynamic and the inevitable reaction is beginning to set in. Hence your post(!)

  2. It is slightly daft, I mean I happily enjoy the result of the smoking ban, but actually have no strong feeling either way. I strongly suspect that it is all a bean-counter thing, in that people who are ill for any reason (and smokers do get more coughs and sniffles) are less productive, similarly for drinkers and over-eaters. Instead we should be healthy effective drones making our best contribution to GDP.
    Personally I think there are too many people kicking about, so I have no issue with people doing things that may kill them. Eat more bacon I say, in the hopes that I won’t have a situation where there is not enough pension money to go around when I retire.

  3. Cap’n – One thing that does bemuse me is the ratioanale behind it all.  It is ripe terretory for conspiracy theorists, but I’m damned if I can see any reason for it other than a desire to hold the high moral ground.

    Fuck that.  I’m grabbing the high moral ground for myself.

    Thrifty – That is fucking depressing.  We are all comodities that must be preserved in good working order for the greater good?  Pass me the baccy, the brandy and the burger.

  4. In California they have a rule where a smoker cannot legally smoke within three metres of a public building. Its been so successful in saving lives that I am told they extended the ban to something like five metres.

    Ah Los Angeles. The city of cars that exhale oxygen…. fresh mountain air. In other news eleven million people will die from air pollution in cities by 2015.
    ‘Scuse me while I nip out for a cigarette.

  5. Marcphisto – It’s anyone’s quess at the moment as to who is winning – Orwell or Huxley?

    Cap’n – I think they are trying to introduce that kind of shite here.  Why do the fuckers here have to copy everybody?

    Thrifty – Brave New World, my arse.  I’m going down fighting.

  6. If the Government want to stop children from smoking they should change the law to make it more difficult for under 18s to smoke.
    MPs voted NOT to make proxy purchasing of cigarettes illegal, so parents can buy cigarettes and give them to their children.
    It is NOT illegal for somebody under 18 to BUY cigarettes, it is only illegal to sell them to under 18s.
    I believe that the minimum age for smoking is something like 3yo. Am I correct?  

  7. The New Yorker, 17th September 1984
    “The last cigarette smokers in America were located in a box canyon south of Donner Pass in the High Sierra by 2 federal tobacco agents in a helicopter who spotted little smoke puffs just before noon. The district chief called in the ground team & 6 men, members of a crack anti-smoking joggers unit, moved across the terrain, surrounding & subduing them with tear gas. There were 5 people in their mid-40’s who’d been on the run since the adoption of the 28th Amendment. The chief snatched an empty pack of Marlboro’s & said “Look at this! This warning has been there for decades! What does it take to make you understand?” The smokers knew that the end was near. They’d lost radio contact with the only other band of smokers they knew; 5 writers holed up in an Oakland apartment. Among the personal effects were 4 empty packs, slit open, the blank insides covered with handwriting. They were letters to Lindsay & Matt from their mother. They read: “I never thot it wld come to this…those yrs as ashtrays vanished fr parties & old pals made sarc remarks & FAA crackd down… Down to 1 cart… In 50s it was diffrnt, we all smokd… Food, sex, then smoke…theyre closing in… Reminded me of when yr dad turnd me in… Knew he was nut but didnt know he was creep… Goodbye. Love, Mother. “The 5 smokers were sentenced to write 20,000 words on the topic “Personal Integrity”. The mother was reunited with her children. One night, she saved them from death by pulling them back from the path of a speeding car. Her husband, who had just been telling her she could stand to lose some weight, was killed instantly, however”.

  8. “The anti-smoking movement started in the States [where else?!]”
    So what do you expect from a country that was basically founded by a puritanical theocracy? You know, the kind that beat their breasts with their bibles (King James version of course), gnashed their teeth at the fact that everything including breathing was a sin. That sex was a vile, horrible thing (it was a wonder we ever survived past the first generation) and those that smoked or drank were doomed to burn in hell for all eternity? That anyone one who wasn’t white, Anglo-Saxon protestant was a barbarian, a savage, a heathen and no better than an animal? (hell, our founding fathers slaughtered most of the natives of this land just because they were heathens and savages and, more importantly, in the way).
    My country was settled by those idiots, morons and crackpots who were kicked out of all the good countries. Kicked out so far that they had to come all the way over here before they thought they were safe (which obviously wasn’t far enough as the folks from all the good countries still came over here and took pot shots at them).
    I think we should just ban America. I mean really, any country that would come up with the idea of political correctness deserves to be banned–and I live here!
    Sorry…I’ve been constipated all week and I’m in a real baaad mood!


  10. Gluaistean – Third key up from the botom left of your keyboard – Caps Lock – I think it may be stuck.   OK.  So you are taking me up on the bloke giving a cigarette to a child?  Your comment comparing that to crack cocaine is just the kind of ill-informed, over dramatised rhetoric that I would expect from an anti-smoker.  I assume you are an anti?  Could you please provide data that proves that “nicotine is one of the most addictive substances around”?  Addictive – yes, but get things in perspective, for fuck’s sake.

  11. The thing that gets me is how everyone has gone so pc about cigarette smoking – starting at government level. And yet, we as a nation still gratefully accept the tax money from the cigarette distributors……
    That’s just ever so slightly hypocritical.

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