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  1. RhodesTer – The jets tend to steer clear of the balloons for some reason. [scared, maybe?].  I would say it’s a case of steam giving way to sail, but those fuckers ain’t steam powered!!

    Sean – It is a bit.  The only difference is that the ballons hardly move at all, and the jets are so fucking fast they are very hard to spot.

  2. Brianf – Yes. A Saab JAS 39 Gripen sounds nice.  I’ll check eBay and see what I can find.  Or do you have a spare one?   Must be low milage and fully armed?

  3. The tourists won’t know what hit ’em. Especially if they can’t hear you approaching. Fun in the Wicklow hills when you get back I’ll bet.

  4. Robert – That’s grand.  Sure I can bolt a couple of wings onto it?  A Saab is a Saab,

    Terence – I would quite fancy nipping through the Wicklow Gap into Glandalough at Mach 1.2 and accidentally dropping a couple of Sindwinders at the car park there all right.

  5. You should buy French in France. Wait until next year’s vacation and you will be able to get yourself a Dassault nEUROn for a cool 25 million euros. Best of all, you won’t even have to get out of your armchair to fly it.

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