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  1. I walked by the crash scene last night at around 8:30 pm. People were still there scratching their head and taking snapshots. Something eye-catching always happens back home when you go abroad, doesn’t it?

  2. Susan – It is quite a nice angle, isn’t it?  Though I don’t think the Luas is supposed to bend quite that much?

    TT – That’s Daniel O’Connell who was named after the street where his statue is.  Not to be confused with Daniel O’Donnell who is just a twat.

  3. I think it’s safer to flash a pair of ‘stars & stripes’ tattoed knockers from underneath your burka in Kabul, than travel on the feckin LUAS.
    Statistically speaking.

  4. the statue is one William Smith O’Brien, whoever the fuck he is. O’Connell is at the bridge, full of bullet holes from the 16 skirmish.

  5. Ah yes.  My mistake.  O’Connell is the one surrounded by tarts with wings.  Yer man doesn’t have them.  Maybe he’s an eighteenth centuary Luas engineer?

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