How to keep out a Jehovas Witness — 16 Comments

  1. BigYin – Come to think of it – I would love to see anyone try to get past them.  I don’t even know how they manage to open the fucking things.

    TT – It is indeed.  So you were here?  Why didn’t you wait around?  We could have had coffee.

  2. Susan – Do I get a cut of the proceeds on the basis of intellectual copyright?  😉   Damnit but I haven’t even got a working title for my current Magnum Opus!!

  3. Don’t underestimate the JWs. They’ll knock on the windows, rattle the back door, consider the chimney, wait in the bushes for when you come out, they don’t give in so easy.
    A friend of ours had a good approach, he invited them in, then talked AT them for about 4 hours – they never came back!

  4. 1980. The coffee would have gone cold.
    Maybe the doors are to keep the JWs in.
    All nice sandstone, Sarlat.

  5. Mick – I never underestimate the JWs.  My father taught me how to deal wth them!!

    TT – We could have ordered new ones.  People are so impatient these days.

    Ian – Thanks.  Not up to my usual standard, but Herself has shared ‘la grippe’  😐

  6. It’s amazing they could even open the doors back when they were first built. Weren’t people shorter back then? Or was it the attitude?

  7. Kirk M – It’s possible that the doors were only eight foot originally, but someone made the mistake of spraying fertiliser on them?

  8. Must have been good fertilizer then since they’d have to grow the church in order to fit the doors?

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