A short answer to a longstanding problem — 10 Comments

  1. I’m 6ft 2in. Forever banging my head off of low door frames, crammed into airline seats, buses, cars etc, etc, etc.
    Only real advantage as you pointed out is when standing at a concert. Or trying to get to the bar.

  2. Robert – I didn’t know you were called to the bar?  I must give you a shout if I have any legal problems?

    TT – *sigh”

    BigYin – I threw Herself out of the bed years ago.  She snores too much.  We’re very happy.

    Jelly Monster – It’s the other 1% that counts.  Why aren’t you The Jelly Midget?

    Mick – *another sigh*

  3. Kirk M – Trying to sneak in under a new avatar?  Petite women are all very well, but they give me a pain in the neck!

  4. Drat it! I meant to post under my new site’s moniker but I got confused about the whole thing and messed up. Oh well, it’s not like you wouldn’t have figured it out   anyway.
    And I can’t help it. Petite women with tons of decent attitude have always been enormously attractive to me. I like to smile at their tirades.

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