Eddie Lizard — 7 Comments

  1. Ian – You are joking?  Can you imagine a large cage in the back of my car with a baked Minnie Pig in it?

  2. These are exactly the kinds of things you need a teddy bear for.

    * yanks Baby Bear out from being sat upon *

    See? Perfect 🙂

  3. TheChrisD – Now wouldn’t I look a right prat bringing a teddy bear in for anti-rabies injections?

  4. you could just get a rock. just as useful as a lizard, and you don’t need to feed it often.
    heh – “useful”. I had a three-legged dog once. the previous owner had backed his car over him accidentally. when the vet amputated the leg, he said “what the hell am I going to do with a three-legged dog?”. well, exactly the same as you would do with a four-legged dog, I would guess…

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