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  1. The Quiet old guys are a dying breed unfortunately. everyone now seems to think they have to scream to be heard and scream loudest to win.

    I tend to the more quiet side of life and i have seen it drive some colleagues quite mad with frustration lol.

    I remember once on a building site the site supervisor asked me to do something I looked at him, looked at what he wanted and with out saying a word started doing as requested. This drove him right round the bend and he waved me down and started screaming, sure you are bigger than be and could kick my a** but thats no reason to not talk to me! I was quite taken aback by this because well I am quite alot bigger than everybodyi didnt say or act at all intimidating so i wondered where this all came from? But all i replied was you asked me to do it, I did it, what more did you want? he then got in his truck and drove away for awhile, lol. I was just a young kid then 23 years old lol. Its always the quiet guys that get you

  2. Must have really impacted you, to remember it that clearly.

    Did he ever do any of that trickery on you?

  3. You won’t believe this for a moment, but I took after my Dad in the quiet stakes. If I’m at a party or a function, then I’m the quiet one in the corner.

    I know exactly what you mean, as I too am the type to listen and then do.

    There was one time I was walking down the street with a couple of friends, when we were accosted by a small gang of gurriers. My friends got into an argument with them, but I said nothing. The gurriers got uncomfortable and one of them suddenly shouted to his mates “Jayzus, I don’t trust that guy – he’s too quiet” and they ran away!!

    [the fact that I’m over 6 feet tall might have helped though?]

  4. Hi Kav,
    It is just one of loads of memories I have. We used to have long quiet debates about Buddhism and reincarnation and the like. But he was also fascinated with technology and we used to have endless debates on what the future would be like.

    I think the reason that one stood out in my mind was because it was quite out of character. It was one of the very few times I heard him debate with strangers.

  5. Yeah Grandad at the time i was 6’6″ and a mere 22 stone of mostly muscle lol

    Back in the day when i could throw 200 pounds over my shoulder and walk away as easy as pie lol

  6. I’m built exactly like my Dad – 6′ 3″ and 11 stone. We looked like a pair of goal posts.

    And the two of us built the extension I’m in at the moment. The only help we got was from a plasterer. And it is a big extension – garage, kitchen, bathroom, office/bedroom, huge seating area/conservatory. Dad designed it all too.

  7. Nihilism is great. You can argue your way out of any situation with it. It becomes clear where you got your skills at debating ponts from anyway.

    Dario: I want a guitar for my birthday, preferably an electric one. I’m not too bothered how good it is. You never know, I might have some latent talent for it.
    Father: No. We don’t have musical talent. You’re not getting one.
    D: Why?
    F: Just.

    That’s the kind of debates that rage in my house. No more than four lines.

  8. “Just” or Just Because” should be struck off the list of answers. They always drove me mad. Though, in fareness, I never got them from my Dad. He had a stock answer to any question – “Go look it up”. In retrospect, the best answer any parent can give!!

  9. Grandad, that’s a wondrous story about your dad. It reminds me of me own dad.

  10. There are few more where that came from. I will return to him at some stage no doubt.

  11. Ah, now my head is wrecked – wondering if i really exist at all, especially knowing that a good hard kick in the shins isn’t gonna prove a damn thing.

  12. Sorry, Derfen but I can’t help you there. After all, this blog is all in your imagination.

  13. I’ve always been so sad that I never met great-grandad, even though I have strong suspicions that he’s looking out for me sometimes. I’d love to have known him.. to see the mould that Grandad is made from! There are definately parts of him in our family anomaly. Family anomaly. There’s a tonguetwister to test sobriety!

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