Book of the Week — 21 Comments

  1. Indeed, your powers are strong, Grandad. For your next smiting, might I suggest Sarah Palin? Now before you go charging up a fresh cloud, don’t forget she has kids. You’ll probably want to smite them too.

  2. Flann – I would indeed have a go at Palin, but I have a feeling she is so wet, that the current would just pass straight through?

    Kate – Be afraid.  Be very, very afraid.

  3. Write an article about the Irish in America ? Wouldn’t you have to be Irish in America to do that ?

  4. TT – I know.  I told him there were limits to my research and that nothing on God’s Earth would drag me across there [except maybe an appearence on prime time – I ain’t a complete fool], so I wrote about the effect America has on the Irish.

    I will probably post it tomorrow …………

  5. Touché Grandad! I certainly should have seen that one coming!
    Very nice. I’m well impressed!
    The cheque  is in the post. Or as they say in the US:
    The check is in the mail

  6. Welcome Liam!  I hope you are sufficiently recovered?  Incidentally, “The check is in the mail” sounds suspiciously like unnatural sexual acts with an Eastern European.

  7. Ha!  Your book is the, “Book of the Year”, here.  We have many many analysts working on it as we speak.

  8. It would a mind like yours to come up with that!
    I’ve recovered from your weather induced wrath alright, now we’re right back to heat that bears a close resemblance to the surface of the sun.  I quite like it this way, so I’ll stay on your good side today.

  9. I wish those fuckers from Langley would quit hijacking my profile.
    Grandad, Be glad it wasn’t the book of the hour or the book of the half hour or even the book of the fifteen minute period between drinking the beer and having to piss!
    Oh and don’t bust on Sarah Palin… She’s our next President.

  10. The CIA – Hah!  You lot couldn’t decode a nursery rhyme.  It looks like The Book will have to be your Book of the Century?

    Liam – You’re at it again.  You missed a word.  Now take a look outside the window …. 😈

  11. Apologies Grandad,
    I guess my proof reading skills aren’t their best when I’m skiving off work to read blogs…

    Hmmm, it got chilly all of a sudden

  12. We would like some real news here, if you could address a few problems.Health care (of course after you fix your own), Michael Jackson and all related issues,the bloody cop in Boston that arrested a homeowner , we would like to know whats happening in the rest of the world.Thanking you in advance as i know you can fix it with you super powers.Oh a second vote for Sarah Palin to just go away, Russia maybe, she can see it from her back porch?

  13. Grandad my wife doesn’t understand me. Maybe you could fix it for me..Some powers you have there!!
    (Actually my real problem is that she understands me too well..)

  14. You haven’t been honing your skills over in my area by any chance have you? We’ve been having some rather hellacious storms over the past couple of months and now I’m wondering now if that was you practicing up.

  15. You happen to slam that house in your header while you were practicing by any chance? It was a pretty white thing yesterday if I remember correctly.

  16. Kirk M – I am still having some problems with accuracy.  I will admit that the hit on Liam was a bit of luck [I didn’t mention I had already wiped out a junior school, but you can’t make an omelette.. etc…]

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