Of tablets and eyebrows — 10 Comments

  1. Shite is a politicians natural element. They swim in it all the time. Now soap might cause them to dissolve or burst in flames. I also found it does matter what you shoot them with as long as some lead is mixed in it seems to work fine.

  2. Robert – A small fella with bushy eyebrows and a funny voice?  Yeah, that name sounds familiar.   Did he write a book with his foot or something?

    Jim C – If you shot our lot with lead, they’d be delighted.  They’d just go aff an flog it.

  3. What a fantastic saying – thank you for my first smile of the day (see, I’m not always whinging!).
    Have you tried going online for medicines – you can get them cheaper there, also it is easier to buy medicines abroad – France, for instance – you might want to check it out!

  4. Now Grandad, you could start selling medication from France on the site to subsidise your income…there would be no import duty as the medication would be coming from the EU….

  5. Kate – Of course you are not always whinging.  Who said you were?  And I intend to do a grand old stock-up as soon as I get there.

    Bubbles – Grandad’s Patent Remedies!  I like the idea.  Of course I can carry on selling them from here too?

    TT – I would if I could lay my hands on the fucking things.

  6. Grandad
    Don’t be so grumpy!
    If deBurger had ignored you, you’d have given out even more. He was only trying to be normal 😉
    btw  His wife is a close relative of mine and you don’t know what you’re missing :mrgreen:

  7. Steph – I’m not being grumpy?  We were ignoring each other and I was quite happy about that.  What exactly am I missing?   My condolences on your relationship. 🙂

  8. I’ve a load of medications I’m not using at the moment and I’m sure if I can fake any malady well enough  to get the whatever medication you need if you need to fill in the odds and ends. I draw the line at estrogen though as my “parts” have been with me for over a half a century and I’m quite happy to keep them just as they are.
    And I still don’t understand why you all don’t just shoot the ones who need shootin’ and start working on something that…well…works. Or at least works better than what you got now. Works for us. 😛
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