Some questions I am repeatedly asked about the book…

What is it about?

It is a collection of the best articles from Head Rambles.  It is essentially intended for those who haven’t read the blog or who couldn’t be bothered wading through the not-so-good stuff.  It is a coffee table book, in that it needn’t be read from cover to cover, but can be dipped into.  My daughter also calls it a toilet book.  I’m not sure what she means by this.

When is it to be published?

It is in the shops now.  Go on.  Go out and buy one.  You know you want to.

Why wasn’t it published before Christmas?

Because the bookshops are saturated with all the big names desperately trying to make a few bob at that time.  After Christmas is apparently a good time for book sales.  Think of all those book tokens?  [Do people give book tokens these days?]

Where can I buy it?

I don’t have a list of shops that have taken orders, but most of the big names are there.  We’ll have to wait and see. Apparently it’s available in over 500 outlets in Ireland and can be ordered at any bookshop overseas.

You can also order it directly from the publisher:


Is it any good?



The Book — 20 Comments

  1. About the term toilet book:

    There’s a whole lot to be said for good bathroom reading material. A book taken into the loo when there’s a bit of throne sitting to do is an especially high compliment paid to the author of said book. Similar to being called “The Dog’s Bollocks”.

    Grandad’s book is the dog’s bollicks it is. Makes one fine toilet book!

  2. Thinking of buying it for the office toilet, I’ve read “footballers haircuts” about 5 times now, time for a change.

    Looking forward to it. Well done Grandad.

    P.S. no cover image on the amazon site

  3. Jimbo – I asked them to perforate the pages. A matter of convenience, so to speak.

    I have been nagging them about Amazon for weeks now, Lazy bastards.

  4. Best of luck with it! Looking forward to Twenty’s new one too…

    So tis the 15th. Any sign of it? Apols I have not been in a physical buke shop yet this week.

  5. Thanks, MJ and I’ll forgive the mention of Twenty’s book on the same page! I haven’t been in any bookshops myself, but I know it was seen in a shop in Cork [in the Gay/Lesbian section for some strange reason?].

  6. Thanks, Peter!

    Welcome Brendan. I am told that it is good toilet material, and that the paper is nice and absorbant, so I wish you luck!

  7. Welcome, Kathy.

    Quite frankly, chance would be a fine thing.  I’m afraid my pension wouldn’t quite stretch to that.  🙁

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