How to become an American — 9 Comments

  1. You can’t choose your family Grandad!!!
    Now me – I’m proud of my Irish ancestry and my Irish passport!
    Last time I went home I had my accent back inside of 10 minutes -I think I found it in my first pint of Guinness!…… so I better not go to America not even for a week…. on vacation of course!!

  2. Relatives in the Boston area.  We’ll look them up.  Last name should be Mc something-or-other or maybe O’something.  Shouldn’t be hard to find.

  3. It’s hardly fair to blame the average American for their state of mind. They have been brainwashed by their government (which is really controlled by aliens from Zork). And since the whole concept of Marketing and PR has been perfected in the States it would take a real strong mind to prevent corruption and degradation.
    As a responsible and law abiding Dutch citizen (yeah right) I think that we should seize control of that continent. Perhaps we can start with that bankrupt state of California?

  4. TheCia – Even if there were only one O’Something or McSomething in Boston, you’d probably still miss them.

    Welcome Brian.   For once, I’m not accusing the Americans of anything [strange as that may sound].  I’m accusing the Irish of being so gullable.  I’m all for taking control of America.  We can throw the Americans out and restore the country to its natural beauty.

  5. Jaysus!  Sounds like a fun lot.  Don’t base American accents on what you see on the television.  And, please don’t base it on mine!  🙂
    I have never understood how yuz guys can pick our accent faster and a hell of a lot better than we can pick up yers!

  6. I just wrote a post picking on the poor auld americans too, and I feel bad now – its like we’re ganging up on them.. (you better not read it, there is a lot of american speak in it..)

  7. I quiet enjoy your writings and ramblings. I’d like to say not all Americans are bad…but I’d be hard pressed to find many exceptions. Mostly we’re all ignorant, but that’s what happens with a crap education system and no self motivation in the lot to do their own research and learning. I’m planning to go to Ireland in a bit–I’m really hoping I don’t turn out to be one of the ghastly American tourists that often make me cringe with utter embarrassment. I’ve been doing research and trying to learn about Ireland, but I’m still terrified that I’ll be so obviously American.

    As for the American Dialects, I have a hard time understanding it quite a lot as well–and I am American. Born and raised. Most of the American Dialects are absolutely disgusting–especially Pittsburghese in Southwest Pennsylvania. It is the ugliest speech and I can’t understand a word of it.

    Any advice for an American who doesn’t want to seem too American but who wants to travel to Ireland (for an unknown period of time as yet)?

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