How to throw away money you don’t have — 12 Comments

  1. Maxi – We already know where it is going. It is going on projects that any twat can see are a waste of money. €60 million a year for taxi fares in the HSE???????

  2. They did the same to my road. The boy racers are out in force every night of the week and at least three a week end up in the ditch.
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  3. Sneezy – Your story is fairly typical. They spend a fortune upgrading a road and then find themselves with more problems than they started with. Don’t these fuckers ever THINK?????

  4. We didn’t get a new road, but we got a new bridge. They’re just now finishing after seven months of work, so we can cross a river three metres wide. One day there were four diggers and two cranes there, apart from all the dumper trucks and rollers… it was unbelievable. A pair of I-beams and a few cattle grids would’ve done the job.

    Bravo to Maxi’s charging-by-the-lb. comment. ROFL
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  5. Maxi – I don’t know. I am fairly sure they don’t either!!

    Susan – Replacing a bridge that has been swept away is fair enough, though I agree that a bailey bridge would easily do the job. It’s these fiddly little jobs where they patch bumpy bits, or widen little stretches that baffle me. There is another road near here that had a lovely stone bridge on it. It is a back road that isn’t used that much, but they have spent the last year building a new bridge and straightening a couple of bends. Fuckwits!!

  6. Jedrzej – Sorry! My mistake. It should have been €30 million. It was a two year figure I was thinking of. I should have checked! My source

  7. TT – Jayzus but you lot are worse than Pavlov’s Dog! Can you not go for a single day????

  8. Is it not a bit backward to be thinking that we shouldnt fix our roads because it will just lead to young lads driving too fast on them? The one thing we have to give to the shower that ran the country for the last while is that they have made a half decent job of the roads?
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