Benefits of the recession — 12 Comments

  1. Brianf – I also know for a fact that mainframes and supercomputers can suffer from disk failures. About the only reliable medium is the old cards.

    Vicky – I was never really gone. My PC has gone into hospital for a heart transplant, so I should be in full working order in a week or two.

  2. Intel is supposed to be doubling the capacity of their SATA solid state drives this month. I think all new laptops should come with an SSD vs standard drives. That way you could bang it around all you wanted. 🙂

    Besides, if you had been running Linux Mint on yer system, this never would have happened! 🙂

  3. JD – Solid state, my arse. You can bet they’ll fail too. And you can fuck off with your Linux [it doesn’t matter what flavour].

  4. It was Demerol / Vista concoction – Win PCs will accept any old shite.

    OSX equals a longer life in I my opinion. [Don’t say that too fast].

  5. SHoop – Mine was more of a Methadrine/Vista concoction, but the disk still failed. How does software affect disk life?

    Jim C – I can’t argue with that. Has anyone got a card reader they can spare?

  6. Brianf – Then I would suffer from paper tape breakage? You can’t beat the old cards [as long as they are in the right order].

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