Head Rambles antiquities — 13 Comments

  1. Can you do that thing where you put round logs under it and then push it?? the logs would act like wheels, and when they came out the back end of the boulder just place them in front ready to take the load of the boulder again!

    It’s still not an easy task and would require a fair bit ‘o pushing though.

    You could also decide to have that delightful sounding garden seat 100 yards closer to Head Rambles manner and then Hay Presto, job done without lifting a finger!

  2. Nothing that a medium sized hydraulic crane couldn’t take care of.

    Funny, your manor and the old family farmhouse are nearly the same age (built in 1795) although the architectural types are vastly different from one another. Unfortunately all of the 1/2 ton granite blocks are under the house as part of the foundation. The neat thing about them is that these huge rectangular blocks were cut locally in the same quarry that’s still in business today.

    I’d dare say that Head Rambles manor is probably in better shape than the old farmhouse is at present. It’s definitely in need of some major TLC.

  3. Frank – I did consider that, but I don’t think I have enough rollers for that. I suppose I could always cut down a few trees for logs?

    Kirk M – You haven’t seen the Manor after the builders did their bit!!!

  4. What you need to do is to have it listed as a site of archaeological importance and then the NRA will designate your garden as a route for a new motorway – that would shift it.

  5. I think that once you start doing things like cutting trees for logs to move the stone that fell from the house, you enter this kind of “there’s a hole in my bucket” scenario. It’s just not worth it.
    As far as moving the stone goes i’m afraid the rest of my ideas involve either Time Travel, Elephants or time travelling elephants.

  6. put a lock on it. sooner or later some south-side dubliner will try to steal it. with luck they’ll leave it where you wanted it.

    disclaimer: I’m from south-side dublin – I know what I’m talking about.

  7. btw: your popup re-editor thingummy is broken – seems to urlencode the text it pastes into the page. dontchakneu

  8. If while at this concert we all put our collective strength together and managed to move the rock, we could call it a Rolling Stones Concert.

    You see… thats what a day of studying does to the brain… worst. pun. ever

  9. I always worry when the puns start to creep in.

    I had another look at the rock this afternoon, and reckon that with about 2 Kg of Semtex strategically placed under the correct corner, I sould be able to land it in the right spot?

    Kae – Sorry about the editor. It is working fine except when it breaks, which it does every now and then. It is a server problem rather than the plugin, methinks?

  10. You could dig out the foundation of the house under the door, so that eventually the house will tip gently that way and the great stone will roll and/or slide out and land in the garden.

    Or you could do like the ancient Irish saints did, and make friends with all the wee beasties so that they come and do it for you. Worked for Snow White (the film version), if I remember correctly.

    Or, a few strong young handsome Druids might be able to heave it into position for you, and then you wouldn’t need to lie *too* much on your grant forms. Shall I send over a few of mine?

    If not, well I’m out of ideas. Good luck with that bathroom situation.

  11. 2 or 3 days later

    Did you ever get that stone moved?? which of the above fantastic suggestions got the job done?
    I’m hoping that the answer does not contain the words “herself” and “severe back pain” in the same sentence!

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