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  1. Sorry to say that i do!
    I’ve got this exam coming up you see, and i absolutely loath studying, so i thought i’d have a quick browse of the interweb.
    (but that was about a half hour ago)

  2. I’ll keep the comment thread going for you if you can give me any idea how I have fallen off the edge of the world! Katharine Googled me last night on her laptop to look up something and the blog did not appear at all 🙁

  3. Frank – I hope you are studying now? Heh! I bet not…

    Ian – You are still on the world. I don’t know what you are looking for, but I found you?

    Daddy P – Are you one of those strange people who only goes on line on a Saturday?

  4. Not sunny here anyway, but I do. Saturday is a great day for leisurely surfing.

    And hey, can I get a 10% refund on what I’ve paid for the book already?

  5. The only posts Google finds are old ones – nothing in the last week or so. My Dad was looking for me on AOL and only got a post for April 08.

    Baffling because the posts are appearing on other people’s feeds. I sense a conspiracy!

  6. Not studying per se, but i do have the best of intentions. My desk is in front of a window that overlooks a good portion of the estate, there’s a suspicious white van doing the rounds.
    Random coincidence, or part of the elaborative conspiracy sensed by Ian…???

    (words that can be deleted from this reply include “per” and “se”)

  7. It’s not a conspiracy. Honestly it’s not!
    We’re from the gub’mint. We’re here to help.
    By the way Grandad(if that’s your real name) we already figured out how the 10% reduction in cost of the book figures into the code. Oh and yes we HAVE deciphered the whole, “sent to the bogs”, part also. We’re not far behind you. We know your next move. Hahahaha!

  8. Frank, could you put a semi-colon after ‘the estate’?

    I think the white van men have made off with my feeds and pings.

  9. Xbox – Can you demand a refund on a house that you bought at the height of the peak? You can always buy another one [or ten]?

    Ian – I think it is a conspiracy.

    Frank – Why would I want to delete ‘per se’? Are they new rude words?

    TT – Shouldn’t you be down bailing out the basement then, instead of wasting time here?

    CIA – How can you possibly know my next move when I don’t know know myself yet?

    Ian – I told you it was a conspiracy. Fucking CIA are everywhere.

  10. Jeez, i don’t know Ian. All that talk of colons and semi-colons did nothing more than to unlearn loads of stuff i’ve been studying of late!
    I can’t remember if it’s you that has the “Eats, Shoots and leaves” book. If so, can’t you just use one of those handy punctuation stickers they give you at the back of the book and stick it to the computer screen?? It’d save me loads of confusion and embarrassment.
    Also, i am, as the l33t would say, a complete n00be. I have no idea what a feed or a ping is.

    Van update, the White van has left the estate;

  11. Oh I could demand it alright!

    they’d tell me to piss off too though, probably.

  12. Frank – Don’t mind Ian. He gets like that sometimes when his prescription begins to run out. I know what a ‘n00be’ is but ‘l33t’? A feed is that orange thingy at the top right hand side of mt menu where it says ‘Subscribe’. If you click it, I send you free dinners. Don’t ask me to explain ‘ping’.

    Xbox – Forgot to say that I thought that was a great article in the paper the other day. You have a calling there. Ever think of starting a blog? You are right about the builders. Now piss off.

  13. Ah thanks, I appreciate that, I’m very happy with the response.

    But a blog? nah, would never take off.

  14. ‘Eats, shoots and leaves’? Me? Not a chance.

    I would need extra Valium to cope with it.

  15. Xbox – Glad the Interweb is safe for another day, so.

    TT – Heh! I never bother with coffins.

    Ian – I’m glad you know your limitations. You are already on eight times the maximum dose.

  16. Grandad never ceases to amaze me. This isnt the first time he blogs about absolutely nothing (like, seriously, read it, he has blogged about nothing, no substantive content there at all) and he gets loads of comments! Tis a gift! Politicans have it too. Uh oh, I’m possibly in trouble now for deigning to equate Grandad and political folks. Ah, what the heck who reads blogs on a nice sunny Saturday?

    Had to google “l33t”. A definition from Wikipedia = Eleet (sometimes rendered Leet, 1337, or 13373), also known as Leetspeak, is an alphabet used primarily on the Internet, which uses various combinations of ASCII characters to replace Latinate letters.

    I still havent a clue what it is, and its too nice a sunny saturday to go google the google output.

    Now the comment is three times the size of the original post….

  17. l33t, i came across it when i googled that whole PEBKAC / ID-10-T error thingy.
    I’ve decided that Ping means something similar to what it means in all those submarine movies. Untill Ian decides to furnish me with the actual definition i’m sticking with mine (who knows, perhaps its a valium reference… though why the CIA would make off with his valium stash is an issue for another day)
    In a rather unadvisable turn of events, i’ve decided to meet a few friends for a few drinks tonight. I’m really giving my brain no chance of retaining any information am I…?!
    Maybe i need a ping or something.

  18. We have a good reason for everything we do. That’s the ticket and we’re sticking to it. We’re allowed to do it; despite what you think!
    Note the use of the semi-colon.

  19. Ping? I used to write pieces and then send a bundle of these pieces to Google with a rubbber band round them and they would take off the rubber band and it would go ‘ping!’ And they would stick the pieces on their noticeboard and then if anyone stopped, they could read the pieces. Well, the rubber band holding all my pieces for the last week together must have snapped because Google haven’t pinned any of them to their noticeboard and even my readers (my Dad and my sister) can’t find the pieces for the week.

  20. Damn! Someone noticed. Now we’ll have to fire 300 more people and we need more anaylists in the Grandad Section.

  21. I think I’m going to have to not post more often. It seems to promote better discussion?

  22. Grandad, you forgot about the rest of us. It’s been pissing down here for days! Ah well, I’ll bugger off and read yer book instead. 🙂

    @Ian It’s a conspiracy alright. They’ve tried to wipe me off the blogosphere on several occasions, but to no avail. 🙂

    @CIA I’m coming to (Virginia) kick yer arse! 😉

  23. I don’t – I’m reading this on a nice, sunny Sunday. It’s this or go to church. I’ll take my cartoon grandad anytime.

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