The eyes have it — 19 Comments

  1. It’s the recession, obviously. The CIA can no longer pay its employees more than peanuts, so it’s hiring those who will work for peanuts, like say, Minnie.
    Be very very careful what you say when she’s in the room…

    (Those photos definitely need some space-movie sound effects. Yikes!)

  2. Robert – Do you think I should?

    Susan – I think it’s nearly time for the rat to go. I’m too unnerved. I’m getting a bit tired of the CIA and their incompitence.

    The CIA – Hahaha. [*fucking idiots*]

  3. maybe she had a stroke because you failed to give her a little of the “Black” or a shot of the water of “Life”, just wondering????

  4. I reckon you should. I would certainly prefer to trust a Guinea Pig telling me what to do than any of the shower in the Dail..

  5. John O – If you think I’m going to waste good drink on a CIA stooge……..

    Robert – Interesting thought – do you think I should put her in for the local elections or wait until the general election?

  6. Might be worth a shot. I wonder if you could claim expenses for being the guardian of a councillor?

  7. Are you taking St Paddy’s day off with Twenty? You wouldn’t believe the tacky shite on TV over here about it every year. Makes you cringe to watch it.

  8. Watch yourself closely Grandad, you’re obviously under the influence of a mad guinea pig. Next thing you know you’ll be dropping some sort of nuclear ordinance on the poor people of some small city in Russia.

    That g’pig of yours litter box trained or what?

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