I am the cause of the Recession — 17 Comments

  1. Congratulations!
    Hopefully they won’t deduct the cost of the first letter and its postage, plus processing fees. With these people in charge, you never know.

  2. Grandad,

    You’re luck they answer your correspondence at all – they ignore mine.

    I’ve twice sent them back a cheque they shouldn’t have sent me, knowing that if I cash it and they then realise I shouldn’t have got it they probably charge me penalties

  3. I asked about them holding back a sum of money they owed me. It turned out I was right, and eventually I got the letter telling me I was in credit to the princely sum of 6 cents.

  4. Susan – Not only are they not charging me for the post, I’m charging them. Good old Freepost! 🙂

    Maxi – They really must be getting despert. Surely you can spare a few billion to help out the cause?

    Ian – They don’t ignore my letters – they read them, cash the cheque and then deny having received them! Now I have to prove to them that I wrote in the first place.

    Red – Rebate = 6c. Cost of stamp = ? I love bureaucracy!

  5. Think we’re all going to be paying a lot more in taxes in a while. all in the national interest of course!

  6. Oh no – not another refund due. Can’t you forfeit it GD, for the sake of your country…[ducks]

  7. Vicky – I always tell it like it is. That’s my problem.

    Le Craic – I did contemplate selling all my assets and donating everything to the government. A micro-second later I decided fuck that.

    Milton – There are two chances of my forfeiting it. I am going to follow my government like a true patriot, and screw the country for every cent I can get.

  8. Ignore it. It’s just a publicity scam. I get spam email all the time from a corrupt African government looking for “donations” and promising enormous opportunities in return. I follow advice and delete immediately lest they think you’re a real person.

  9. Ignore the refund – they will ask for your bank details. They don’t refund in Kruggarands – yet.

  10. SHoop – This was different. It was a letter from a corrupt Irish government. They are easier to fool.

  11. Ok, spill – how on earth do you find yourself in a position of being owed money by the Gov. Surely thats impossible,isnt it? Isnt it?

  12. Charmed – It’s something to do with overpayment or preliminary tax or some such. I don’t know anything about these things.

    E Mum – I might do? would 50% A.P.R. be enough do you think?

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